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Nak please read this

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I have been playing on this server for a long time now, and I have enjoyed every second I had on it. When I first started, I had a small base near spawn, and I was alone. Later, I got invited to join a group called Raven's Crest. This group was fun to be with, but we got raided of course, and I lost a lot. This did not stop me from loving the server. I still had some stuff in my ender chest, so, no biggy. After Raven's Crest, I was again on my own. But soon after, my ender chest got cleared, now the first time I got cleared, I admit that I had an OP justice rod.... I was upset that I lost the other stuff, I did manage to get some back. After this, I was exploring, and found Ted's base! He was nice enough to let me stay with him and a few other players. This I was thankful for, and had a new start! But, all good things come to an end, and HHerobrine918 griefed Ted's village.. Ted blamed the griefing on me, and I got banned with no warning and no reason... I was banned for a long time too. I finally got unbanned from the server after I posted a ban appeal on the forums! This was exciting!!! I could play again! I made a base about 200k away from spawn, had pretty good stuff there, and I get raided and griefed... I was upset, but made a new base a little closer to spawn, and that is where I live now. But, MarilynIV accused me of having OP armor which I did not have, and my ender chest got cleared again! But this time I had nothing OP, and I got pretty pissed. I had 2 sets of legit God armor and like 5 God swords, a few bows, 2 stacks of diamond blocks, and some gold... Nothing OP! But yet I get cleared?! I am done with getting cleared and loosing everything for no reason and am hoping that you feel my pain Nak... My idea is since Baltimorecalling was banned, I could take his place as admin. I have expirience, and know all commands, and would be a good help. I just want to have all the materials to get away from the raiding and clearing, and just have a mansion at the end of the border :P I just want to build and help. Now, if you don't fell that I should be opped, maybe just creative so I can still build, but without commands. And I will donate if you say yes, but at the moment, I don't want to donate because I get cleared, and I don't think it fair. But please respond Nak, I would love to help out with the server, and I am kinda done getting raided and cleared... Thanks for responding and listening :)

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