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What I am doing to my classic.

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Hmm. Well it certainly isn't  illegal, so technically it isn't as fun, but...


This is what I am actually doing to my iPod Classic (like, 2nd gen) as I type this.


I hope it comes out good and removes all those pesky scratches. I will make sure to put pics when I get this all done.

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    • I'm getting the feeling whatever server becomes the successor to this one isn't gonna be any more cancer free :/   Besides, a Faction can still thrive without one member, am I right?  
    • Tbh idk who you are either. Perhaps we shall befriend each other?  
    • Nah. I don't really give a rip about my rep here. I just act big and bad because i find it funny when people get triggered over someone showing a little pride ;)    
    • The poll's are in! My official classic viper remake is leading the poll by a landslide. To prove I am worthy and have a lot of support on the server I'm contacting all the old viper friends I have (a lot) and asking them to vote. Many plan on staying and playing in a non-cancerous community. The ip is up, server is running smooth and all bugs are being fixed. To gain some popularity I plan on advertising the server on a few of the more mature server listing websites and build up a small community, hoping the old viper players and the current community can lead into a new era of non autistic fun! I'm also going to start doing weekly vids on my yt channel (200 subs) and contact one  of my streamer friends who has a much bigger base. The new domain is in the backburner and will be up very soon! The clone wouldn't be complete without the good ol voting system that we had in place so we are working on that. For those who don't know, in old viper each vote got you 1 item of your choice out of the creative inventory. This lead to some pretty cool items and builds. Anyway just like to share the progress of the #1 clone and hope to see yall soon!   ~ With Love And Peace - Flux
    • Dear Voters,     v100v will not have a default ban list based off the poll. Sincerely, v100v