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v100v Needs A Donation

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Dear Lair,

v100v needs a donation. After much research into fixing our crashing problem, coming up with many possible solutions (some as makeshift as having an autokey spam the console), and having none of them really work as intended, we have come to the conclusion that buying a copy of Multicraft might be our only immediate solution to our crashing issues other than making the server run on Spigot (something we want to avoid at all costs). So we come seeking a donation to fix this problem.

   We kindly request that someone donate us the product keys to Multicraft "Owned" edition. As the cost of Multicraft Owned is about $10, you will be able to select two usernames you would like to give donation status upon donation. The reason we do not just ask for $10 in donations is because we do not want the perception of our server to be that of a scam. We seek this non monetary donation as it holds us accountable due to the fact that their is little to no cash value in very specific server software.

   If you would like to donate, please message me before you donate on at u/v100v, or on this website using the messenger function. If no one is willing to donate, that is acceptable, however It will take longer than is wanted to get the server to a point where it is ready to be listed on public server lists. Please do not donate until I have responded to your message with instructions.

Sincerely, v100v

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    • For those who may or may not remember me, "Hello!" I'm Jack, I started playing on Vipers lair out of interest; following 2b2t's popularization of 2016/17, under the name TheHolyJack. I guess you could say that I was curious about anarchy servers and tried my luck and finding one that had a somewhat friendly and active player base... incomes vipers lair: from the first moments I joined I met a player, this players name was Alpha (I think) and he was pretty damn well nice to me, he introduced me to a community of people who were friendly enough to take me on as building apprentices (Nauga) and other activities such as having strange poem battles haha. After a few months of playing ( or more? ) I started to really enjoy these people's company. Fast-forward some time and I came to realise that these people were genuinely happy to see me on the server; something I've yet to come close to ever since. To put it lightly I stopped playing Minecraft after I had to do my exams (Some of you may remember how stressed I was haha; thank you for the supporting messages, I passed everything with flying colours!), I simply forgot about it, during that time visited Minecraft again, I don't remember when this was but I decided to visit VipersLair to see who was on (I'm sure you know where this is going...). The server wasn't online. perhaps some maintenance on the server or it was just my connection, so I got to this very sight and find out the bad news. I was pretty hurt, to be honest. Though I came to realise that it wasn't exactly the server I missed, It was the people I'd met, those people who I remember would be; Alpha, Nauga, PrayedGerm(ComradeGerm now, probably got the old name wrong), Greengaming and I'm definitely sure there were others who I can't seem to remember at the moment (Sorry guys!). I miss you guys, it has been a while though would be great to have as many people as possible meet up on a discord server or Minecraft Server, perhaps both one day just for old times sake :) I have some old screenshots to share if anyone is interested? This would mostly relate to Nauga. For anyone who remembers me, please do comment I would love to chat! Feel free to add me on Discord at JackTheNothing#1361
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