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Its been a great Experience

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Yes yes, maybe the long lived Bowser has faded into legend, but even legends have feelings, and this one is ಥ_ಥ about the closing of the Lair.

From the Clan, to the many bases and alliances I formed, to the great Admins who made it all possible, I want to thank you guys for the awesome experience.

This server has definitely been special for me, not just because of the countless memories made here, but it was literally my first minecraft server i joined. I was still but a newbie when i first joined, I knew the basics, but by comparison most players were still many levels ahead of me. I learned how to REALLY play minecraft here, and I got gud at MC here.

I made many friends and enemies, all of which i have a respect for. (Seriously, anyone with the balls to pester me deserves some respect :) jk lol ) 


I guess my main point here is to say goodbye to you guys and thank you for the experience. But I did hear the forums would still be up? If so I will definitely keep in touch :)


P.S. If youd like, Join Vnlla. They could use more players, and You'll probably see me there too.


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