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  1. 1. Should Duping Be Legal? (You Can Not Be Banned For Your Answer, Please Be Honest)

  2. 2. Should Fast Flight Be Legal?

  3. 3. Should Flight Be Legal?

  4. 4. Should Nether Portal Chain Teleportation Be Legal

  5. 5. Should Other Forms Of Teleportation Be Legal?

  6. 6. Should Spamming Be Legal

  7. 7. Should The Rule "Inappropriate behavior is determined by staff discretion" Remain

  8. 8. Would It Ever Be Okay Under Any Circumstances For A Non Admin To Control The Server?

  9. 9. Do we Need All 4 Servers?

  10. 10. Should Flying Be Enabled?

  11. 11. Should The Server Stay Vanilla?

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Hey guys remember to just vote and not write any comme...... oh fuck

15 hours ago, GamerGirl1023 said:

Please Just Vote, Do Not Make Comments On Context, Just Vote.


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