Religous Debate Fourm

What Stance Do You Take On Religion?  

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  1. 1. Your Stance?

    • I am 100% an atheist, I do not believe in god or anything like god.
    • I do not believe in god or anything like god, but I do not really like to be called a atheist.
    • I do not think god is impossible, however I do not believe in god. (Agnostic atheist)
    • I believe in god or somthing like it, however I am not part of a large religion, and do not believe god can be proven to exist. (Agnostic Theist)
    • I believe in an independent religion that does not have a large following.
    • I am part of a larger religion, and I believe a good portion of the teachings, however I do not blindly follow my church, and I may only attend a few times a year.
    • I am part of a large religion, and I follow it highly. I believe a significant amount of my teachings, and try my best to follow them. However I may make a few exceptions.
    • I am devoted to my religion, I believe it 100%, and I try very hard to follow my relgious teachings exactly.
    • If my relgion said it, it is right, period. If I miss a day of church I am going to some place I do not want to go. Sinners must be killed to purge the world or sin.
    • If thou are not free from Avocado ,thee shall be doomed to fate.

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5 hours ago, PrayedGerm said:

also Green are you aware you live in the bible belt?

I live in my own bubble of wealthy white people in North Carolina, and I protest against my parent's teachings of religion to me.

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9 hours ago, NVDoom said:



 I found your poll limited, so i added my own option.

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On March 24, 2017 at 3:29 AM, PPC68000k said:

 I found your poll limited, so i added my own option.

Thanks cactus good.

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Well the poll has spoken, it seems that roughly 56% of the users in this sample are some form of non believer, 25% of users are part of a relgion, and 6.25% of users believe that if you possess an avocado you will be effected by probability.

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