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  1. Expect A Big Announcemnt This Weekend

    Does this have something to do with why the server is down?
  2. Nuxe's YouTube Viper's Lair Series??

    Yeah, I've heard that term before. Dude says "you know what would happen if the wrong Yeg saw me come in here?" in that movie Brick. Good thing my name is not that word. (Probably still applies though)
  3. Nuxe's YouTube Viper's Lair Series??

    Ha! What would it be? yEGGin, like an EGG? Also, thank you!
  4. Nuxe's YouTube Viper's Lair Series??

    I started a youtube series on this server at the beginning of the year but didn't tell anybody. (A few of you figured it out)
  5. Vanilla Server Map Reset

    I can not honestly vote in this poll because I do not ever want a map reset and question 2 requires an answer as when I would want one. Add "never" and I will vote. As it is, this poll only gets results from people who want a reset.
  6. So many purple shulker boxes?

    I don't know about any of the rest of this, but I have at least that many Shulker boxes myself, all gathered from killing Shulkers. And I don't even use any kind of client. I found End cities the long and boring way and killed the hell out of them.
  7. Griefed, so now I have a question...

    "buns"? Oh my.
  8. Griefed, so now I have a question...

    Well, this experience lit a small fire under me. I finally got my buns to The End and killed a gaggle of Shulkers. Now I have 5 shulker boxes and no one can take what's mine. Still considering a reign of terror. It would be kind of fun.
  9. Griefed, so now I have a question...

    I think you've been there. A couple of months back I found a DRPM shield in one of my chests in my base. When I had chests. Or a base.
  10. Griefed, so now I have a question...

    I do not believe that I have ever once expressed the desire to be helpful to anyone in this game. But I see your point.
  11. I was away for a few days doing things in the real world and I returned to vanilla to find I have been griefed pretty good. I'm not mad. I understand. I might even have done the same thing. But now I have a question... Should I just replace what I lost and continue working on the cool, large project I've been spending all my time on? or Should I devote myself to the complete destruction of every single build of any sort I can find on the server? Both sound good to me right now.
  12. PSA: Dupe Bans Have Begun

    I'd like to know about this as well. Am I just wasting my time here?
  13. PSA: Dupe Bans Have Begun

    Oh, I don't know if it's true that it's OK. That is just my reasoning on it. I could very well be wrong. Still hope you come back.
  14. Hey, looks like I'm on here now.

    Thank you Dank you.
  15. PSA: Dupe Bans Have Begun

    Ah, Solomon, I was hoping to help get you back on because I have enjoyed talking with you here and there. As for TNT, I don't think that is the same as duping items. A redstone-and-slime block machine that creates multiple primed TNTs does not create TNT as an item but as an entity. As far as I know you can not stop the reaction and get a normal TNT from the process. It is completely within the limits of vanilla Minecraft to make a machine that produces primed TNT entities.