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  1. Ted's Temple

    Have you heard of the new coordinate exploit?
  2. Keep calling me camoka1 even though I played before him XD.
  3. Ted's Temple

    I'm already banned :) for griefing spawn
  4. recently I was banned from vipers lair for a few stupid reasons. 2 reasons, griefing and joking around. When I griefed all I did was make a few creepers blow up at spawn and I placed a few WWII symbols that's it apart from getting some wood. When I was joking around I said I was with camoka1 which I wasn't, I wanted to see what Ted would say. He banned me and it said camoka1 alt. If players are banned like this then I can feel how new comers feel. Idk if Ted just targeted me or he is that stupid. Another thing Ted said was that I had duped items in my E chest. A stack of golden apples with an arm our set!? WTF is he saying? Vipers lair is falling apart without its true owner.
  5. Ted's Temple

    Why are you making a shrine/temple to an autistic @ss hole exactly?
  6. TenDarrah Duping

    Are you sure you aren't toxic. Oh wait you are cancerous toxin that flows in carbon monoxide
  7. New GreenGaming8 Banner

    Yours is as shitty as umm as umm UR MUM
  8. Happy Birthday DPRM III!

    It looks kinds decent tbh. . . Plus your texture pack doesn't go good with it. . . But it has a few good things like the castles and the pigmen farm. Over all it's ok!
  9. DPRM's 2nd base Pics

    Then why tf people posting pics of this shitty base?
  10. DPRM's 2nd base Pics

    I'll like it more when it's raided
  11. TenDarrah Duping

    Alas you want every one banned RoxBotChronices> ok cya later Tendarrah Alas> FUCK YOU GOT CAUGHT YOU LOGGED BECUASE OF DUPING GET REKT
  12. Base Screenshots

    Very cool!
  13. The DPRM And USC Alliance

    I hope you know almost everyone knows already
  14. What team are you on?

    Read my name icon
  15. RoxbotChronicles Duping

    She was obviously portal hopping which is very legal and yes, thank you for the cords