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  1. v100v. Our final hope.

    whose the owner
  2. question, if i join am i getting insta banned?
  3. vipers lair.....

    rip vl
  4. A New Hope

    that server sucks we changed our minds lol
  5. New Beginnings. Who will plant the seed?

    dum dum duuuuuhhm
  6. Why Was I Not Banned?

    lol no it was my fault u idiot xd, and viper is right, but if he would of asked nicely i would have blown up my stashes instead of them banning me for a quote.
  7. End Of A Chapter

    oi there is me to blame cuz i duped the derp out of everything :D
  8. The Ted Worshiper Treaty

    i rather die than say he is god, lol im gonna go get his highway and wither the derp out of it
  9. Vipers Lair Player Power - Throughout the Ages

    yeah just a timeline that would be fun
  10. Alas filing false reports

    lol u can never be too sure
  11. RoxbotChronicles Duping

    hey im not about to lie to them
  12. RoxbotChronicles Duping

    wasnt, the ponyboy log out and back in dupe doesnt work anymore, trust me i attempted it recently, donkey dupe does work tho
  13. Recruiting for the UC

    may i apply for membership to this UC?
  14. FTB Inifinity Lite 1.10.2

    lol i think u 2 got something for each other
  15. Really?