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  1. lol i think u 2 got something for each other
  2. lmfao
  3. eewwww shaders, prayed WE WANT DIAMOND JESUS, WE WANT DIAMOND JESUS, WE WANT....
  4. hello
  5. in my appeal ted said that all the duped items stopped appearing when i got banned, this is a stupid lie, i tried joining hardcore server a while ago and i got killed by a skeleton, and recently when i came back i see a ton of duped items, how is this possible? i never played on this server lmfao, ted, u are a dissapointment
  6. lmao XD
  7. hmm is this a trick question m8?
  8. alas was pardoned? wtf
  9. so it was camoka, with the lag machine? camoka u are da reason dat babby zombie killed me
  10. nOOb wtf are u doing? dont speak against the powerful, they are gonna have u killed secretly, U better run
  11. yea i agree, alas is a ashole.
  12. GreenGaming8 may i remind you that the DPRM also duped.
  13. why dont u show the rest of that conversation pretty boy? XD
  14. and you cannot get banned by using ponyboy because ponyboy isnt just a duper it is a client like all other clients so u should be able to use it, impact has a duper so does that mean impact is illegal?
  15. hahahaahahahhahahahaaha, ponyboy is patched on 9b9t LOL hahahaahahahahaha