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  1. Recently I've been playing a lot of FTB Inifinity Lite 1.10.2 and I would like a Viper server for this. Btw, would anyone else be interested?
  2. Everyone's so desperate for entertainment so here you go.
  3. .smurof piR
  4. Boy if only sppr would get their crap together so i could be let in...
  5. Just saying, droping the dupe rule would make VL a bit more popular.
  6. These answers are a bit confusing, how about giving more detailed options?
  7. I for one wouldn't want all my builds to be gone and I'm sure others would agree.
  8. Economy reset huh? The economy, at one point or another, will be inflated by dupers. Like I said previously, this is not a permanent solution. The reason for such a rich economy is without a doubt duping. The only true way to "fix" the economy and stop dupers is to install plugins to counteract the duping methods.
  9. Honestly what are you thinking? Resets will only delay the influx of duped items and dupers. This server has absolutely no anti-duping plugins, or plugins at all for that matter. A map reset will help for but a period of time, it is not a permanent solution. If you really go against duping then go create a poll for adding plugins to VL.
  10. Bring back the polls 2k17. Beef jerky or bacon. (Vegetarians dont hate plz)
  11. Let's face it... this server is getting a bit plain. My idea is that we hold a special event over his coming summer. One idea I have is a war type of thing. We would have two teams with randomly selected players and would have new bases built specifically for this. Both teams would have a storehouse filled with valuables and the objective would be to find and raid the enemy team's storehouse. If you have any other suggestions for an event make sure to comment it.
  12. Lol
  13. I started these polls! Its time i start producing them.