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  1. Hi guys,* --> As you guys may know, I have a YouTube channel and have planned on creating a series on the Vanilla server... --> The series will be coming soon, however I have only recently uploaded a new tutorial on Pumpkin/Melon farms which I believe will be very useful for you guys if any of you are planning to have a pumpkin pie fest. --> You can use this farm to automatically harvest and collect your pumpkin or melon crops and use them to trade with villager farmers to earn a load of gems! A full chest of pumpkins will roughly weigh up to 512+ gems. Here's the video! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VJcSl1AuHCA Come on man, use proper grammar.
  2. plz ted we have ray gun
  3. Why isnt my skin on there
  4. Guys we have his email now : >
  5. Actually I've seen some small YouTubers play but they never end up continuing their episodes.
  6. Y'all votin for the wrong party all this time
  7. Now we just gotta do an event timeline or something.
  8. Uc
  9. also can i join the UC as well?
  10. Alts my friend
  11. USC = Satan Illuminatti 666. They griefed my endermen farm, seriously who would ever do that besides Ted???
  12. You can edit your posts.
  13. Peace time = DEAD time
  14. We need to estabalish an anarchy with absolute chaos and no regulations.