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  1. I was quoting rocky in that message –_–
  2. GG

    I loved every moment of playing on this server. It truly is one of a kind, too bad cancerous players had to ruin it for you and for us.
  3. You are being pretty cancerous tbh.
  4. v100v Update

    Dear v100v, How about you learn proper grammar.

    Very simple to comprehend: New no rules server to join. IP: ikeydoug.ddns.net IP: ikeydoug.ddns.net IP: ikeydoug.ddns.net
  6. New Beginnings. Who will plant the seed?

    New server to play on: ikeydoug.ddns.net I currently play here. It has /sethome and very basic not op at all commands from essentials. It has no rules so free speech and hacks are allowed.
  7. Nuxe's YouTube Viper's Lair Series??

    Im sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but all viper's lair servers are shutting down on Halloween... permanently
  8. A New Hope

    0.tcp.ngrok.io:17574 is a much better server. Although it's down for maintenance ATM.
  9. A New Hope

    If all else fails, I have found a completely vanilla server, play.epiland.com. It does not appear to have any rules, world border, griefing, or chat restrictions. Perhaps we could all play on there. SERVER IP: play.epiland.com
  10. New Beginnings. Who will plant the seed?

    On another thread someone suggested ggservers.com, and it's actually a pretty good and inexpensive hosting service.
  11. Just some info/thoughts

    I agree. We could start a revolution there
  12. New Beginnings. Who will plant the seed?

    Exactly why we need someone to create a server, we can't rely on him. We must take matters into our own hands.
  13. New Beginnings. Who will plant the seed?

    Not very useful...
  14. As all of you clearly see, the server is gonna die soon, but we can keep it going. It doesn't have to be the same world, it could be a fresh new server. I have been looking around on various server hosts and came across Bisect hosting. I checked it out and their servers have unlimited SSD (solid state drive) space and a dedicated ip. With a 25 player plan, it will cost about $24 USD. Now the big question, who will pay for it? Link: www.bisecthosting.com
  15. Goodbye Friends, and Thank You.

    I've been here for some time now, it was fun seeing all the groups interact and seeing builds. I had a blast playing on here, although I don't truly think this is the end. I believe the Viper's Lair will live on, be it through players or another host. Thanks viper.