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  1. I found hack'd boots on the Vanilla server

    Be careful, having those items is now against the rules and the admin can use your possession of those boots as an excuse to take away anything else you have, even if you did not make them yourself and simply found them.
  2. It's a ಥ_ಥ Day

    Well it's great to see the server is full of staff too immature to admit when they are wrong so they feel the need to instead post memes. What exactly are you implying I'm being wilfully ignorant of? Do you even understand what that means? You cannot be wilfully ignorant of rules that did not exist. . . .
  3. It's a ಥ_ಥ Day

    I don't dupe either, I just used duped stuff and also had no intention to do damage, so do a lot of other players on the server. So please explain to me exactly how you aren't calling every other player who follows the rules a criminal if you are calling me one when all I did was use duped stuff.
  4. It's a ಥ_ಥ Day

    Just be aware anyone who comes to this server or is already spending their time here: The mods don't care about you, you are just a number on ledger for them. The mods don't care about transparency or community input (Look at Nehruvians great idea that was completely ignored). The mods don't care about providing clear rules for players If they do something you don't like, they will just make a rule to justify it or they will claim it was "precedent". You can be retroactively punished for new rules. If you attempt to rationalize with the mods, they will cease responding once they know they are wrong rather than admitting that some changes might need to be made. Just be aware everyone before you sink more of your time in.
  5. It's a ಥ_ಥ Day

    Ok then I guess you are calling your entire server a bunch of criminals?
  6. It's a ಥ_ಥ Day

    I wonder what your educational level is lol That definition has no relevance here. I'm not saying people are going to argue they do or don't have common sense, or that they are for some reason mentally deficient. I'm saying one person's opinion of a "common sense" interpretation of a rule will not always be in line with everyone elses' opinions. I like how anytime you get talked into a corner you try to google something to somehow prove you are in the right, but again just like the three-strike reference, do you not understand or whats going on? My point is that when you leave room for interpretation like this and just say "use common sense" that is not fair to players. To me, "common sense" would tell me (and I am sure a lot of other players as well) that unless there is a rule that says you cannot possess or use duped items then you are allowed to. In fact, almost every player on the map has duped gear on at all times which would lead a person using their "common sense" to believe that possession of these items in absence of a rule specifically against them means that they are allowed.
  7. It's a ಥ_ಥ Day

    So instead of memeing you wanna just answer the question so that everyone has an answer? Is this a place where players have a say and where admin can be trusted to not abuse their power or not?
  8. It's a ಥ_ಥ Day

    Lol exactly and that is why any respectable system doesn't just say "use common sense" its too ambiguous and can mean many different things to many different people.
  9. It's a ಥ_ಥ Day

    I didn't see anything listed in the rules that said possessing duped items was against the rules until after the raid on my base, if you have any evidence of me being wrong in this please feel free to display it here. And regardless of what the "precedent" was the fact remains it was not in the rules. So either you are admitting to being deceitful to your player base and confirming you support the "5 rules justify anything we want" approach or you are just flat out wrong.
  10. It's a ಥ_ಥ Day

    Actually it is, since having duped items was not made an offense until just the other day. Only the act of creating the items themselves was against the rules.
  11. It's a ಥ_ಥ Day

    Exactly. There would be no need to complain if it was done correctly because then everyone knows exactly what is and is not allowed and what is expected of them.
  12. It's a ಥ_ಥ Day

    Again, your analogy does not mater because it is not relevant. I am not arguing that I should have been allowed to keep the stuff that was taken. However, since you feel the need to keep defending an irrelevant analogy I will indulge you in a response. I can tell from that response that you have absolutely no knowledge of how a legal system works. I was pointing out the purpose behind confiscating the drugs in your example. The purpose in that instance is to prevent societal harm. How is possessing duped items the same as things that could kill someone? What harm are they causing to any other players? I also really don't see how California's three-strike law is relevant to this conversation at all, are you just confused about what it means? Also just an fyi trial by combat actually is still legal in some states, but a judge will always mandate an alternative resolution which is, as you have pointed out, within a judges power to do. But here there are no judges, there is no separation of power. So again I ask is this a place where the community has a say and where the admin will act responsibly with so much power or not? Also don't tell people to "use common sense" that is a terrible argument. What if your local laws just said "use common sense"? Wtf kind of an approach to a rule system is that? You cannot just unilaterally decide what defines common sense, to each person that can mean a totally different thing.
  13. It's a ಥ_ಥ Day

    Absolutely fantastic idea.
  14. It's a ಥ_ಥ Day

    What is your point? That executive orders are a thing? Because that's what I am trying to get at right now. Is this a place where the community has no say and the admins just make rules up to suit their needs? Because in the context of executive orders, there are checks and balances in place to assure that there is no overstep in authority, here there is not.
  15. It's a ಥ_ಥ Day

    Also here I fixed your detailed rules for you, took me all of 30 seconds: "Ignorance of the rules is no excuse, if you choose not to read the rules you do so at your own risk. Please be aware that you will still be held fully accountable in every instance as though you had read the rules even if you choose not to do so."