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  1. Than I guess the votes were wrong.
  2. I accept this dual
  3. 10/10
  4. We could use more builders.
  5. NEW cord exploit!11!!1 DELET THIS!
  6. This really looks like it will steal my ip, upvoted.
  7. Would of been nice to see who voted.
  8. But the real question is who would win a long highway or rail road building contest? NVDoom VS Ted, only one can win!
  9. What are the chances?
  10. Prayed has spoken, I shall upvote his posts again.
  11. I mean they are they same time of picture based comedy, but the caption is not in the photo, so no not really.
  12. this page is for starter packs not memes, please stop shameless self promotion.
  13. GreenGaming8 Starter Pack