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  1. We aren't gone yet.

    Our group has grown and is still growing. The world is infinite in the server so no worries about how far away you can build your base. ;) If you want to join our group specific you need need to ask Germ or Rocky if you may join. The server also allows hacked clients like aristois. Read the rules at spawn when you join. ;)
  2. New Amplify Server

    Hey guys we have started up a new minecraft server. The terrain is amplified, the map is nearly unlimited, there are no map resets. Hacks and hacked clients are allowed. It's not allowed to bully, spam, toxic chat,... what in my opinion killed the viper's lair community. ip:
  3. New Server, Just like Vipers!

    Cool I will check it out!
  4. Alright Vipers, the Jig is Up.

    Oh I'm sorry I didn't know, please take no offense. It's just that I met rocky that I thought he was the founder, leader of the group. But please feel free to visit our newest bases in the server! ;)
  5. Alright Vipers, the Jig is Up.

    We have Minepurist up and running which looks a bit similar to viper's lair with some restrictions. There is a map reset though, but with liteloader we can download our bases and such. Btw you are free to join the DPRM! :)
  6. A lot of us moved to minepurist. Feel free to join us.

    I'm interested to join the server and to play with you guys, but I fear that my rivals "entropath, agentM, lerd-walrus, alas and ifoliver" will hunt me down in that server. Btw what are the requirements to join your group? I can tell you that I'm an experienced player and that I'm willing to contribute to the group as much as I can.
  7. My newest video is online with the server ip in the description. ;)
  8. Sounds cool I have replied on the post.
  9. Cool thx for the help! We joined your server today, me and some friends. We liked it or at least me I can't speak for the others, but I had a good impresion. :) I'm interested in all your servers. ;)
  10. I'm going to visit your servers today! I'll make some videos and see which worlds are best watched ;). I noticed that most of you people live in the USA. I live in Belgium(EU) so we'll have the timezone thing involved, but that shouldn't be a big problem. This is my newest video to show you what kind of youtuber and player I am. Some of my friends might join as well. I'll dive also in the donation sites ;).
  11. Hey SWS, I'm interested in your server and I'm willing to join. I have some questions though. Is it allowed to use exploits, hacks, x-ray,... in the servers? Will there be map resets and if yes in what frequency will there be one? For your information I'm a (small) youtube as well and I'm interested to make a youtube serie on your server. I don't have a lot of followers though, but any help for you is a help extra I think. :) Will there be a sort of in game purchases as well like unban for 5$ or 100 diamonds for 1$? Greetings Valgumir
  12. Block N Load

    Any interested in playing this game with me perhaps? :)
  13. A Call For Justice

    this shows how bad things are in sweden, belgium,... And most of all USA! This table is based on statistics and empiricly verified. we live in a multicultural society and some cultures do not see men and women as equals in some cultures this is considered normal and some judges see that and release these people back into the society which relieves them from any guilt. People here don't defend the victims of this crime, but instead they offend them with asking questions like what were you wearing what were you doing there? Strongest question of them all "you enjoyed it in the underhand?". If you guys are okay with this me fine, but then you shouldn't support the victims of #metoo then you aren't defenders of the norms and values of the west civilization, but barbarians from the stone age just like those criminals. I do not see women as animals as others do, but as equals to men and that's why I keep fighting against these crimes on any way possible!
  14. The People's Lair Adventures

    Hey guys I made a new video about The People's Lair!
  15. The People's Lair Adventures

    It's basicly viper's lair V2.0 without the amplified, hardcore and the ocean worlds.
  16. A Call For Justice

    You are a special case I give you that. You aren't obligated to talk, discus,... things with me, but it's your choice. Anyway is there anyone else who wants to talk about philosophical, political, economical,... themes and who is older then 16? :)
  17. A Call For Justice

    Why do you guys not start something up instead of breaking something down? About your topic ifoliver it's based on your own story which isn't objective. My argument is based on research which is trustworthy and validated. About the topic you guys aren't obligated to read or reply to this as well. About those men here in Europe we don't always see the use of locking people up in jail, sometimes we need to understand the person himself, his/her background, his motivations to solve the problem instead of using the oppressive methode. When you lock people up in jail they might become more dangerous later in life, because they meet other criminals in it with who they might form a gang later for example. They can make new connections with other people. They become in sort of way immune to the justice system of the society with all consequences following.
  18. A Call For Justice

    This is evidence based information, not on a story from people. But it's difficult to understand for people like you who support Trump, are racist, call your culture supperior above others. I opressed my frustrations long towards you while everybody we bouth know and me got tired of you. I am not sorry that I broke our bound. Not with a psychopat like you who only thinks about her own. Have fun in your life, in your country and goodbye forever! At the end people like you will Always lose
  19. Happy New Year

    Happy new year everybody! I wish you all a healthy and prosperous year. :) gr. me :)
  20. The Paradise is still alive

    See here our awesome adventures of me and my friends on our server. :)
  21. Final Videos... I will miss this place.

    We can maybe play some other video games together as well on steam for example? :)
  22. Cause

    I agree, but now it's slowing down the activities. :( btw a new video about our progress on our server:
  23. v100v Update

    So long we can talk, discus things rationally and with respect towards others in a open-minded way I'm fine with it. But I understand that insulting, attacking,... eachother isn't a pleasant experience and that it demotivates you to play on this server. I think it would be a good idea to learn and train people social skills like empathy, respect, resist grouppressure, be assertive (NOT agressive), give compliments to eachother. What do you guys think? :)
  24. v100v Update

    That sounds actually good, no authorian force who obligates you to do stuff? It does me think a bit on The Venus Project like shown in this video:
  25. v100v Update

    It sounds a bit utopic, but we can create this form of community with a select group of friends. It's easier to run a direct democracy with a few people then with millions of people, right? I've another question, what would keep people motivated to keep working for their job?