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  1. v100v Update

    So long we can talk, discus things rationally and with respect towards others in a open-minded way I'm fine with it. But I understand that insulting, attacking,... eachother isn't a pleasant experience and that it demotivates you to play on this server. I think it would be a good idea to learn and train people social skills like empathy, respect, resist grouppressure, be assertive (NOT agressive), give compliments to eachother. What do you guys think? :)
  2. v100v Update

    That sounds actually good, no authorian force who obligates you to do stuff? It does me think a bit on The Venus Project like shown in this video:
  3. v100v Update

    It sounds a bit utopic, but we can create this form of community with a select group of friends. It's easier to run a direct democracy with a few people then with millions of people, right? I've another question, what would keep people motivated to keep working for their job?
  4. v100v. Our final hope.

    Are there any intellectuals, artists, entrepeneurs or people older then 18 who play here?
  5. New Server

    I only offer you options, you aren't obligated to play on 1 server as well, are you?
  6. New Server

    A nice video to show you the server how it is like it is right now. You see pure vanilla, no plugins, almost everything is allowed, no map limit, no map reset. You may have lag, because the server is running in europe and not in north america. Any questions?
  7. GG

    When I played on one of your server viper 4 years ago I fell in love with the amplified server. I had never seen a server with these unlimited possibilities, freedom,... as before. No corrupt admins, no stupid rules, it was even possible to use hacks and duplicators! Where do you find that? I also learned a lot of new people here and made a bunch of new friends as well! This was also a great place to experimentate with YouTube videos as well. It was a pleasure to live with all of you guys in this amazing virtual world the one way or the other. I'm starting to going to miss all of you exept camoka. :) gr. Valgumir
  8. Server clone analysis

    First my server has a name, OblivionCraft. Also I'm not the only owner, Entropath and Alphalibre are co owners. You can ask them to verify that. The server is also hired from if you want to know. Untrustworthy, idk why you think that exept you believe in all kinds of rumors and not in rational based arguments.
  9. New Server

    Hey I oped a new public server with no rules, no limitations, no whitelist, no plugins,... I'll give it a month time to see if there is anyone interested in this. ip: Feel free to join :)
  10. Just some info/thoughts

    What about creating a new server here on this website? They have cheap server plans and minecraft vanilla is possible :)
  11. End Of A Chapter

    Dear readers, Most of you guys haven't really know me, I was known as kisseps in the old times. I came online almost 4 years ago on the amplified server. I created an underground utopia called Paradise by its citizens and everyone else who knew the existence of the city. We were basicly a small community with a communist economy mixed with a direct form of democracy. I lived there with the other lads and friends of mine: Entropath, Lerd-Walrus, Ifoliver, AgentM, AlphaLibre, Kirkrehfeld, Kildude28, Fudgy, Swifter, droidwoman, diggy. Other friendly players like alas, scip, ted, Val, doejoe and some other dudes have visited it as well. For those who want to see real evidence from it can check out the videos I made on this YouTube channel: My bounds with the greatest friends in my life grew very deep into my hart, sadly enough not with everyone of this small, cozy community. We had a dream on the server! We lived in it, until the end of the nice song came ahead. Eventually a mix of civil war, hatred, jalousy, fights and external enemies broke it. But we all in a sort of way grew out of it. We became stronger, more intelligent, more mature,... We came out of it as true, deep and real friends or as old, but not forgoten enemies. I'm not perfect, I'm just a small guy in a big world. I regret what I did to some people, the things I said to people who saw me as a friend and who I hurted straight in their hart. It was not empathicfull what I did or mature how I reacted, but I learned out of the mistakes I made. I learned to accept my fellow humans for who they are, not for who I want them to be and I'm gratefull to see them walking aside my side on this adventure on earth. Today that dream lives forward on a secret server, hidden and protected from everyone who wants to harm it until the end of times. On a place where the sun never goes down, where nobody needs to live in fear of raiders, griefers. A realm where the principles of liberty, equality and friendship are real. I reach a hand out to all those who want to join, build, develop this Paradise, for those who want to have fun with friends, who accept inherently those values into their hart. Feel free to join our community. Sincerly Valgumir/kisseps Ps: Interested? Message me on steam(Valgumir)
  12. Dear Readers I just want to set on the conversation between a variety of political systems and by that I want to convince you why capitalisme is better then any other system in the world. If you look to countries like the usa, chili, hongkong,... are Paradise like places to live in, in comparison with the rest of the world and why you may not fall easily into the honey words of socialists. If you want to see the consequences of this system then pay a visit in a socialist or communist countrie like Sweden, Belgium, Venezuela,
  13. Racisme in the world New evidence to be proud on to be a citizen of the usa or the western free world! :)
  14. What team are you on?

    The ParadiseCraftians