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  1. Dear Readers I just want to set on the conversation between a variety of political systems and by that I want to convince you why capitalisme is better then any other system in the world. If you look to countries like the usa, chili, hongkong,... are Paradise like places to live in, in comparison with the rest of the world and why you may not fall easily into the honey words of socialists. If you want to see the consequences of this system then pay a visit in a socialist or communist countrie like Sweden, Belgium, Venezuela,
  2. Racisme in the world New evidence to be proud on to be a citizen of the usa or the western free world! :)
  3. What team are you on?

    The ParadiseCraftians
  4. Best Admin 2k17???

    a beautiful woman on a beautiful throne. :)
  5. SPRR Restart; Screenshots

    Beautiful! Keep up the good work. :)
  6. Political poll.

    Same for me. :)