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  1. nice "anarchy" server, banning me for drama on another server, while i didn't break any rules on echoes :^) posting here since sws can't remove my post here :)
  2. My Viper's Lair Youtube Series, Season One

    As seen by the 20:44 mark in the first video, xpielord has stacked armour which means he duped, and we all know duping is bannable @ViperSRT3g @Maddiiee @Tedonculous
  3. Bot Attack(?)

    Seems like this is what was used
  4. map art

  5. map art

    new map art available for sale/free hit up thelampgod ingame
  6. see title download here: (max file size on is 48mb)
  7. Nether Highway Build Team

    +you can just use the nether roof lol, this is just useful on servers were the nether roof is turned off, like 2b2t, which is where NVDoom got the idea of making a highway
  8. too paranoid, here, have an imgur then:
  9. this one:
  10. Banning of Camoka1

  11. Recommendation for HC server

    ye I know i'll get banned but that's ok, also blackend apparently was the one to grief ancora so if you you want to see some light in it, there's that. Also scavenged some old books from Avalon before it got blown up by terrance, I don't know if you've seen but i put em' in a chest for you
  12. Recommendation for HC server

    Here are some coordinates of places on the hardcore server, I am leaving out the base of Hendrik and others because I don't want it griefed, however, everything else I don't care too much about Avalon 500, 100k Castle Black 6,6k, -34k (825, -4250 nether) Ancora -16k, 36k (-2k, 4.5k nether) ElvisCostello village 3839, 118141 random -5625, -10475 Avalon Castle 2300, 101k End [151, -797] and [(960, -2700 nether)] and Castle Black and [960, 742] blackend2001 -69250, 63761 (-8656, 7970 nether) ElvisCostello small 64500, 170450 (8062, 21306 nether) TerranceLeon -19168, -236911 (-2400, -29600 nether) -17270, -270070 (-2160, -33758 nether) Terrance mushroom -54738, -324949 Also, I only ever griefed Terrance mushroom, blackend2001 and Avalon Castle, all pretty much cause I was bored (also leaving out my base, but will probably post them soon too)
  13. PSA: Dupe Bans Have Begun

    @NVDoom fixed your rep