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  1. Map Reset - READ ME!

    ​I second this. and vote for putting it on the new map as well (if possible) besides, Hydra mentioned he wanted me to finish Rainbow Road.
  2. Map Reset - READ ME!

    Wasn't the lag chalked up to a memory leak in Minecraft's shitty code? also. map size, isn't it like over 100GB?
  3. KingChubbyy said some very rude words

    If both of you get hurt but rude words, then this server, and by extent the entire internet isn't for you.
  4. Where Is Everyone?

    School, work, social life. Pretty much the same for everyone else.
  5. Server Lag

    I don't know what has happened over the last couple of days, but the server has been experiencing severe lag. This is really bad, the delay is roughly 5-6 seconds on breaking blocks, and it's almost unplayable.
  6. New World Download

    1.9 is a combat update, terrain generation will not be effected except for the end, which is reset often enough anyways. The map is only reset if new terrain features are added (like 1.7)
  7. TONS OF FREE STUFF -Hardcore Server (ParadigmWolf)

    I'll take it. just pm me so we can both be on/ get tp'd to you.
  8. Fealick admin abuse

    ​He never died/gave anything back.
  9. Admin Popularity

    Reyndrys isn't op anymore, the guy doesn't have the account. Edit: I'm not op anymore either but just leave it there if you want
  10. Insta Kill at spawn, With protection.

    ​not until whatever he did is figured out. not gonna lie, dluopa can be a handful. but as long as his op items are gone it should no longer be a problem.
  11. Fealick admin abuse

    You were banned for spam. you never submitted an appeal properly and were told so. as for King. dude, you lost nothing, so no harm, no foul. Even if I'm playing rough you still get your stuff back too.
  12. Insta Kill at spawn, With protection.

    ​Duly noted.
  13. Insta Kill at spawn, With protection.

    ​Holding op items counts them as armor, especially if they had the thorns effect. I tested this back in 1.6 with the all-u-want mod
  14. Spammer...

  15. Spammers Once Admins Get off and proof

    both banned