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  1. Current Server Downtime 2015/01/18

  2. lukasnel had an OP weapon and he killed me with it.

    Nuke it from orbit, it's the only way to be sure.
  3. Done.

    Still, Still here. Kinda.
  4. so i decided to join the forums...

    Random Comment!
  5. Hydragraphics' child looks a little unwell! (and hungry)

    Lol, just saw this. Very nice.
  6. My Cozy Home :)

    My town exceeds max render distance, so sorry about that. Lots of details not included, this is just a brief tour. Village / Farm Big building Looking down mushroom row Looking in from Black Mesa Looking down into town from the cabin Rotunda side.
  7. New rule proposal: Make spawn killing a bannable offense.

    We need a rule against loitering, I think. The same players hang around spawn in diamond, killing whoever is around.
  8. Player with 'admin' weapons

    I have received multiple reports on the amplified server of player makka333 using op weapons, spamming and spawnkilling. Keep an eye out for them.
  9. Done.

    Still here.
  10. Teamspeak Server

    The address for the Vipers Lair TeamSpeak server is talk.vipersrt3g.net. Come talk with other players!
  11. Where did you hear about us?

    When Honeybadgered and I had our server in the office, we would only play vanilla survival (the only allowance being that we were ops to the server so would could TP, once our worlds got too big.) However, I wanted to play on a larger server, with other people. We tried a few different servers, some good, some bad. But none of them were vanilla. Finally I found the vanilla server list, and Vipers being the only one advertised as 100% vanilla, I tried it out on my own at first. Once I had been on for a couple of days, and knew that it was truly vanilla, that's all she wrote. I actually didn't find out about the steak machine at spawn till a week after I joined.
  12. banned theprox0517 flying too fast

    kicked/warned, kicked/warned, banned.
  13. SilentMajor Banned

    Just so you know, astro_jipzi still has some of those swords in his enderchest, according to him. And can I not attach a screenshot on a reply? Wth?
  14. Banned xtwistedinsanity for spam

    as above.
  15. Issues with Liquid_Storm

    After a long session of going batshit crazy spawning slimes in spawn, Liquid_Storm rained xp pots down for non-creative players. I did not ban, he left before I could say anything about the xp pots. Just an FYI.