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  1. Ban upscaleosprey12

    Banned for spamming
  2. Ban blaubert

    Flying too fast kicked twice then banned.
  3. Ban minibonkers

    Banned for spamming unable to capture screenshot due to overflow on chat
  4. Ban ville672 flying too fast

    Warned and kicked by NAK and myself several times.
  5. Ban lethalkid456 Flying too Fast

    Been warned and kicked several times.
  6. ban jay013

    Told several times to slow down and did for awhile, but then started flying fast again
  7. website access

    mateon1 states he is forbidden from viewing the website. Any ideas?
  8. Ban clan23

  9. Banned zin_tar

    Flying too fast
  10. Banned Bluemoon111

    I busted bluemoon111 giving items to a regular player and he knows why he was banned.
  11. bluemoon111 Temporarily Suspended

    I know you told Bluemoon he could have gm1 back on Wed. didn't know of any certain time gave it to him at 1818 EST.
  12. Banned Liquid_storm

    Liquid was giving regular players armor and weapons.
  13. Banned sjl12345

    Warned multiple times to slow down. When I banned IP collinpope also got banned not sure how to work that one.
  14. Banned JFDPNAK

    Kicked twice with warning the started to fly in front of me on purpose so banned
  15. Ban noahsn flying to fast

    Kicked twice and still flew too fast. Plus had horrible English.