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  1. Greenith Gaming the VIII, I Challenge Thy to a Dual

    Also there was some lag when we were fighting even then. And GG8 had a bow. Watch out for that bow. Hes got deadly aim FYI.
  2. The Death of GreenGaming8

    On 3/12/2016 GreenGaming8 challenged the mighty Dragon95King to a fight; Green_Naugahyde was to referee the match. After a fierce and long dragged out fight with both parties running around the massive Colosseum at the DPRM base, Dragon95King finally managed to land the killing blow on GreenGaming8, and was announced the winner. The sword that was used now hangs proudly in my treasure room. While I would prefer to hang onto The Bane of GreenGaming8 I am willing to trade it for a Cobra's Tooth if anyone has one. Or if you have a different offer in mind I will consider it.
  3. thekrauch spamming

    Person: thekrauch server: Vanilla
  4. Firestar40001

    Person: Firestar40001 Server: Vanilla
  5. yuribrandt spamming

    Person: yuribrandt
  6. Looks Great! Very nice build.
  7. Gbro08 spam

    Person: Gbro08
  8. goodguy9975 spamming

    Person: goodguy9975
  9. ForeBuck Original Lines Spamming

    Person: ForeBuck Crime: Un-Original spam lines
  10. "King's Landing (Dragonking95's base)) (active)" hmmm interesting ;) PS: King's Landing II has also been founded because why have one base. thats no fun.
  11. List of all the big/relevant players

    Im on the list and Prayed got my name right.
  12. Meic Spamming

    Person: Meic