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  1. The DPRM Got Raided......

    Bamboozled again!
  2. My Full Side Of The Story

    Would it be creepy if I knew what server you're talking about? Because I too was on that same server back in 2011. Before I got this account, I started with one called, "BTrooper19", and the first public server i joined (and got hooked into) was LavaCraft. I remember the old owner, Alex_Marty, who lead the server at it's time into a thriving rate, increasing in players, and was always full. Boy, I remember back when I got my first rank, Lapis, because I was tired of waiting to join a always FULL server, and always getting kicked out by other donators. I had this economic empire, a shop if you will, that exploded in popularity for over a year(Since there was a little creative mode glitch they never fixed, resulting me in duplicating blocks). I eventually got so addicted that I got the LavaGod rank(Which was the best rank at the time, I think 90$), as i was then gained access to build outside of spawn, in a free-roaming world, full of hundreds of builds, which i too, wanted to continue. I remember finding this Island, that had one steep buns cliff, in which I built a magnificent tower over that cliff, and claimed it my own. Although, over time I began to drift away from the server, as life moved on for me, and so, over time, I began to appear less often, until I was completely offline. Over the months, I began to arrive once more, every so often, and as the months went by, many things have changed. I was eventually left alone, as all of my "Used to be" online friends moved on, witnessing the future of the server change before my eyes. Marty soon left, as he drifted away from the server, and sold it to two top-hatted men, pursuing college. These new owners eventually lead to the server's demise, by taking away all quality of the server's game-mode aspects, and complete originality, forging their own concept, mini-games only. They changed spawn, took away the Spleef, ruined CTF, and other games, as well as the plots, economy, and player-developed community. The owner duo then realized they couldn't develope these mini-games, completely scrapping the server, and once again selling it to another owner. This new owner was nice, kind, and thoughtful, unlike the previous duo. Yet, even though he was better, he wasn't good enough to clean up their messes, as the server was soon, unrecoverable. I saw the server go from 400+ players daily, to straight up zero. Hehe, and I never even thought of ever coming across an old player from oh-so-long ago. To me, I think that's insane, how I have been apart of the community for so long, to soon meet a player, who joined the same first sever you did, and loved it.

    You know this forum sucks buns when they censor every potatoing piece of derp you could damn say.. like holy hell, where did the 'Freedom Of Speech' Go? 

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      IKR like seriously, r we 5?