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  1. #: 00110001

    00110001 00111001 00111000 00110100 Break.
  2. More Hackers on the hardcore server

    I know exactly how they are finding the bases. I prayed this day would never come. It has. The worst part is the hack they are useing is unpatchable.
  3. The United Potato and Vodka Alliance (TUPVA)

    You assume I am hated by the dprm, you are greatly misinformed. I am the vice president. I represent the dprm. At the time of the attacks I did the dprm members fully favored my actions, However I did not attack the new rapture base because they no longer favored violent attacks, and as their vice president it was my duty to follow the peoples orders. So i was never the most "hated". The only person who "hates" me is greengaming8, but thats only politicly, at the base we get along very well and have both achived great things for our team. And as far as green8 "hateing" me, its only small disagreements we have, not genuine hate.
  4. I would like to know the chance of getting a rare item when voting.

    admitidly voting items have become stagnant and hyper inflated, with only health sponges and voting sowards being of high rarity.
  5. 1.11 Update

    It is live. Have fun xddddddd
  6. The Fedral Bank Of Rocky

    Hi, you all know me as RockyAgate. I am currently the number one most active player, with the most onetime. I have gained lots of respect over the years, and I am very well known. I always try to better the server, and I have a revolutionary new Idea: BANKING. How it works: You give me your items, and I store them for you. This on its own sounds pointless, however their is a huge advantage to trusting me with your items: You earn interest and you can make online transaction with other account holders. First off: Interest. If you keep you items in my bank without withdrawing them for a long period, they will earn interest in the terms of heads, mending books, and other op items. Interest fluctuates based on availability, but it is very helpful. Now lest talk online transactions. If you and someone else you want to trade with have a bank account, their is no longer a need to travel thousands of blocks to meet them, instead, you could just make an exchange between both of your accounts, assuming you both consent. This means items can be traded by a simple /msg! Now lets talk security, I will NEVER withhold accounts due to external conflicts, even if you are my worst enemy, I will never withhold an account as long as you did not steal from he bank. I will be posting more here soon, but this is the basic concept so far.
  7. An Idea for a new server lol nvm xD
  8. An Idea for a new server

    so its not perfect, but unless ur a mlg script kiddie, you cant hack
  9. An Idea for a new server

    ​but no devloper makes snapshot clients, you would haveto code it on your own
  10. An Idea for a new server

    As we all know, Vipers Liar is based off being vanilla. this unfortunately means that the servers are not friendly to players who do not hack. The issue is, we cannot have a no hacking server that is also vanilla...... or can we? There is a way to make a completely vanilla server that blocks most hacks , infact more hacks than any existing anti cheat currently blocks. The way to do this is to make all hacked clients incompatible. To do this we make a vanilla server, but it runs the final prerelease of 1.10, not 1.10.2, this means the server would have basically all the same features, but any existing hacked client would be completely broken. When 1.11 comes out, we could do the same exact thing, have it run the final pre release. Now the difference between this and the snapshot server is that it only changes versions when majoring releases a final pre release or a final version. This means Game breaking glitches would not be an issue, and the gameplay would be much more stable, as the server would only be running the stable final snapshots and pre releaces.
  11. Want to Join the DPRM?

    Hi all, Green here, and as you may or may not know, the DPRM is a large group of players. However that is not enough, so we were looking for new team members. Now don't think that joining our group will be easy. We will only choose the best and most trustworthy players to join our team. If you attempt to inside us we will find you, kill you, and burn your base to the ground, as we did with the last team who messed with us. Now there are some requirements that you must have completed to join us on our team: 1. Must have more than 3000 minutes played. 40,000 actually. 2. Superior skills in a certain category of the game. Getting lots of riches 3. A loyal player to the server who plays frequently. Im the player who is on the most by far, I'm am number one! 4. Must have a undisclosed amount of approval among current members. I will. Now we get to the application part. Application. 1. Age (don't answer if u don't wanna, but say your life stage at the very least eg. child, older child, tween, young teen, teen, older teen, young adult, adult, mature adult, mid adult, older adult. senior.) teen 2. Country of Residence: Canada 3. Minutes played: 40,000 (plus 3000 on my alt) 4. Area of Expertise: Getting valuables 5. Proof of Expertise: I Have a derp ton of rices, I can screenshot it 6. How long you have been affiliated with Vipers Lair: over 2 years 7. Presidential Candidate you Support: Garry Johnson 8. Previous Vanilla Servers You Have Played On: Turtle craft, 2b2t, 4b4t, some random server I don't remember 9. Gender: Male 10. Favorite Color: A high level gamma ray 12. Preference of Ice Cream Flavor: Vanilla 13. Favorite Meme: Greens meme about me 14. First language and all known languages English, jibberish Now once you have completed this application, it is highly unlikely you will be approved, however, if you are , a long process of induction shall begin. This process is highly secret, and most likely you will fail it. Good luck! ACCEPT ME
  12. Vote Item Suggestions

    Another voting idea: UnicornPigmanApocalypse A stick that has looting V and +1 attack damage.
  13. The resurrection of Rapture and Recruiting members.

    ​Seems good, what Do you think Prayed?
  14. Reset the End for 1.11 (Vanilla Server)

    I built a end base
  15. Reset the End for 1.11 (Vanilla Server)

    Ive changed my mind, no reset plox