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  1. K well, I'm the fucker who likes to "TeRrOrIzE aNd bUlLy" people so as you all know I'm going to be killing myself after viper's lair because Scipioluke and I broke up after he broke my nose after face smudging me over skype. this is my will: My duped shulker box collection - Alas (belonged to the dirty hypocrite in the first place) My copies of the Ted derp fest books - Hell My VIP pass to the Memepage Con London - Gate (one for the memepage) Viper's Lair Snapshot - Bill Murray NotWalrus [vipers lair account] - Gate (always loved an alt) My soul - Satan (also known as 68k) My clothes - Alas (they were also duped so must return them so I can get a refund from Tesco) The Viper's Lair Website - Gate (may he make memes for him and only him nvr 4get nvr 4give :'() My freetime - Somewhere other than this bloody website My thanks - Basted Turkey (Entropath) for being one hell of a meme mate on this derp Been a blast shitposting much fun, much cringe Special thanks to Gate for being an oily bastard This is your friendly neighborhood Walrus, signing off the final shitpost on Viper Lair
  2. Goodbye Friends, and Thank You.

    Too bad I'll stop crying when this website and everything on it is lost when the website goes down xd
  3. The End of The Lair, Thank YOU Viper

    crying my buns off
  4. GreenGaming8's Official Meme Page

    I'm done.
  5. Why Capitalisme Is The Best System!

    wouldn't surprise me
  6. Why Capitalisme Is The Best System!

    *Gate looks up mein kampf on google translate in the first place...
  7. xtra_nerd & Haterz

  8. Please Remove Multicraft

    That's like, pretty damn cool to watch
  9. Please Remove Multicraft

    the best comeback 2k47 - 68k is shitting himself For the next roast Gate, Maybe try screaming for 5 minutes down your mic in your gr8 8/8 voice, 68k will be rekt gud because that sheit is straight up GOLDEN.
  10. I've only just noticed this now but, why did you capitalize every word xD?
  11. Please Remove Multicraft

    tell me about it :^)
  12. Please Remove Multicraft

    heh heh
  13. Please Remove Multicraft

    Why not just ignore them :^)
  14. My custom Nether cave build

    A quote after my base was destroyed :^) In case you can't read Green le EPIC minecraft base tourer who probably has the gr8est voice ever, I said above the cave was alright it's just the weird fountain bit that I thought looked a bit strange for an entrance. Check ur facts kid xddddd
  15. My custom Nether cave build

    kek you dumb xD? I mean the weird bottom picture (which I assume is an entrance into the cave itself) looks pretty stupid
  16. My custom Nether cave build

    Yeah that's alright I cant wait to see the way you get into the cave itse.... tf
  17. [Serious] The End Of The DPRM III

    Thank god I was nearly in tears
  18. [Serious] The End Of The DPRM III

    press f to pay respect Q
  19. The DPRM Bunker

    What if they killed your wife though