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  1. NR is recruiting.

    1: Age (optional) : 14 2: Time Spent On Server : Roughly a year 3: Experience With Vanilla Server (1-10): 6 4: Skills (Building, PvP, Brewing, Tracking, Etc...): building and just manual labor crap like farming 5: Donator? yes 6: Hacks or Hack Client (Optional): I have impact but it doesn't work with 1.11.2 yet 7: Average Time Spent on Server: 5 hours every time I get on 8: IGN (In Game Name): __ThunderWolf__ 9: Any Friends That Play With You? Not yet But I'm getting him in soon 10: Anything Extra You Think Is Important: I'm good at redstone stuff SCENARIOS Scenario 1: You are online, and you see someone from Rapture stealing from another member, What do you do? tell them to stop and notify the leader Scenario 2: A person online says a Rapture base's cords out loud, what do you do? kill that person then destroy the base Scenario 3: A member from Rapture teams up with another member from an opposing team, what do you do? kill them and make peace with the other team Scenario 4: A member from Rapture requires assistance with either, building, raiding, or pvp, What do you do? go and help You must have at least 2,000 minutes played.
  2. Formal Admin Applications

    I think we Should have formal admin applications bc admins on the vanilla server quite and it is unfair if someone has a friend who is an admin and the admins pick them and not the actual responsible person and the person they chose abuses the admin rank and ruins the server for every one
  3. my application

    hi I was wondering if I could become an admin on the server because it is the best server I have played on and I would like to keep It nice and playable for the new comers so its not so hard to get started and I would like to help keep it from spammers and stuff like that. thank you for your time