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  1. <=> Rapture Recruitment <=>

    ​I updated my app and I listened to you're 'advise'
  2. Why Is My Skin Black

    my skin does not seem to show up when I'm playing on viper I've changed my skin 4 times and it is still not working :/
  3. wither affect at spawn

    160k in the overworld still have the potatoing wither affect this is total bs
  4. wither affect at spawn

    20k now still have the affect :/
  5. wither affect at spawn

    I'm over 10k in the nether and I still have the 'Spawn' affect, its really stupid I cant even eat because of the lag so I'm slowly died of Spawn wither affect when I'm no where near spawn
  6. wither affect at spawn

    why am I getting wither affect at spawn I hardly spawn kill and I am no longer able to just be at spawn because I cant stay there 2 minutes without getting wither affect there must be another way to stop spawn killing because this is a total overkill, some people trade and make bases near spawn and now they cant without constantly eating to contrast the wither. please get rid of this, thank you.
  7. <=> Rapture Recruitment <=>

    ​​I get it I'm a potatoing mong I should think more before I act, sorry :/
  8. How do I get a coloured name tag

    I donated $5 and I was told after you donated you get a coloured name tag I was wondering how? No admin has been on on the last 2 days to ask.
  9. Donate

    ​​what do u mean forms home chat
  10. Donate

    I donated $5 about 10 min's ago and I asked rockyagate how a get the coloured name and the gapple on my forms account and he just said write on her and wait for an admin to reply what do I do next?
  11. <=> Rapture Recruitment <=>

    ​​yeah ​but what if they are stealing good things like gapples or sets out of someone else's chest what would u do I would kill and ask questions later
  12. <=> Rapture Recruitment <=>

    1: Age : 15 ​2: Time Spent On Server : 2 months 3: Experience With Vanilla Server (1-10): 9 ​4: Skills (Building, PvP, Brewing, Tracking, Etc...): I'm good at brewing and I'm ok at pvp and building 5: Donator? Yeah ​6: Hacks or Hack Client (Optional): Impact 2.5 7: Average Time Spent on Server: 5-6 hours in summer and week-ends and 2-3 in school time ​8: IGN (In Game Name): TheClimaxJake ​9: Any Friends That Play With You? no one I'm a loner :/ ​10: Anything Extra You Think Is Important: nope SCENARIOS Scenario 1: You are online, and you see someone from Rapture stealing from another member, What do you do? Ask the why are they taking things then if they do not answer with a valid reason I would report them so my superiors Scenario 2: A person online says a Rapture base's cords out loud, what do you do? if the cords are right move all the loot I can to a secure location and inform a superior Scenario 3: A member from Rapture teams up with another member from an opposing team, what do you do? report to my superior and if attacked fight until I die Scenario 4: A member from Rapture requires assistance with either, building, raiding, or pvp, What do you do? Help them