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  1. Want to Join the DPRM?

    Let me in, you know how much I love the DPRM
  2. The Death of GreenGaming8

    You mean your computer?
  3. The DPRM Got Raided......

    Not the Rickrolling... NOOOOO
  4. A message to all new players.

    potato new players
  5. Russian server.

    Or German.
  6. Minepurst

  7. The NR's plan to help new players.

    potato new players -.-
  8. The NR's plan to help new players.

    potato new players.
  9. List of Ranks:

    I want my black name back ;-;
  10. Looking For Strong Players/Groups

    Ok, shitface. I am not standing by while this unnecessary war goes on.
  11. Looking For Strong Players/Groups

    You aren​​'t declaring anything​​ shithead, we finally agree on peace and you declare war? If this goes through I am leaving Pizda. There will be no war without thought.