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  1. rip forums
  2. We're just trying to figure out our economy.
  3. I disliked your post because you couldn't take a joke so you disliked mine.
  4. here's a direct to aristotis, I swear:
  5. wut
  6. k
  7. and calm down with the negative rep viper, It was only a joke. I'll probably put it in my museum.
  8. Says the fascist.
  9. I'll buy one just to fucking step on it and then burn it.
  10. I cannot even begin to express how much I enjoy this meme.
  11. mhm
  12. Seriously, the corruption with the admins seems to be through the roof. Admins are getting triggered and banning just for someone disconnecting a couple times, and when fake evidence is put up they don't bother to check the logs. It's just fucking stupid. Innocent until proven guilty.
  13. I've noticed that the admin have always used "Guilty until proven innocent." instead of "Innocent until proven guilty." That's completely immoral and unfair.
  14. This is bullshit, Green never duped so just unban him. We shouldn't even be having this debate.
  15. Just because I refuse to fight someone I'm meant to live, work, and coexist with doesn't mean I wouldn't still whip your buns.