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  1. Let's use these forums again.

    Rocky's current doomsday prediction.
  2. Let's use these forums again.

    He's been mostly benevolent. He could have given us absolutely no warning before shutting the server down. I doubt he would do something like that, though it isn't impossible. But yes, take advantage of this opportunity.
  3. First new map art since the restart.

    Bread line.
  4. Let's use these forums again.

    Hey, the site is still up and it's a well designed forum, why not just use it as we used to? It's Pie's Lair now but the spirit is still here. Ideas, if you wish: Pictures of builds and bases Videos filmed on the server Server politics Polls Conflicts You get the point.
  5. We aren't gone yet.

    Well this aged well
  6. DPRM III - Revamped

    I love how it's mostly medieval architecture but then there's just that one random helicopter
  7. I miss you guys...

    Never expected to see you here again
  8. We aren't gone yet.

    lol Sheetz shut down
  9. We aren't gone yet.

    Unfortunately, it never will be.
  10. We aren't gone yet.

    Since when have you stopped playing minecraft
  11. We aren't gone yet.

    Boi I was being sour. Also, death has occurred.
  12. We aren't gone yet.

    Seems accurate. The shutting down of the Lair was very much like the Chernobyl disaster. Incompetent staff, destruction, radiation poisoning. So many parallels.
  13. We aren't gone yet.

    Nein, that would be a betrayal. Why kill the remaining community if it chooses to live?
  14. We aren't gone yet.

    It's been a while since a serious post has been made on the forum, so I'll be the first to do so. If any of you stragglers are still visiting this place in hopes that some part of the community will be revived, well there's hope. A small fraction of us- 12 at this moment- have gathered together in our last stand. It's been our goal to ensure that the community of the Lair won't fade in relevance and die for good. We play on the server Sheetzcraft, one of the last true Vanilla Anarchy servers left. We hope you join with us and contribute to letting the community survive. Server IP:
  15. A lot of us moved to minepurist. Feel free to join us.

    and who are you? Rocky I'm assuming?