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  1. A lot of us moved to minepurist. Feel free to join us.

    and who are you? Rocky I'm assuming?
  2. The Echoes Network: A New Home For Vipers Players

    not tired of communism, tired of people insulting me for communism.
  3. The Echoes Network: A New Home For Vipers Players

    It was rocky's idea to make the network communist to attract people, I just helped out a lot. Towards the end I was getting pretty tired of the theme since everybody seemed to think we were actually communist and not just communist themed.
  4. The Echoes Network: A New Home For Vipers Players

    minecraft is gay
  5. GreenGaming8's Official Meme Page

  6. The People's Lair Adventures

    Wow, a Nazi quoting Reagan. If you could provide some evidence to that claim at all, directly from the manifesto, that'd be nice, but you can't do that because such evidence doesn't exist.
  7. The People's Lair Adventures

    W A F E R read the manifesto and you'd know that's bullshit.
  8. The People's Lair Adventures

    I find it highly ironic that you're a nazi and are calling other people cancer. Gtfo here.
  9. The People's Lair Adventures

    no u
  10. A Call For Justice

    gtfo with that pedo derp
  11. GreenGaming8's Official Meme Page

  12. Final Videos... I will miss this place.

    I have this problem too. Idek why.
  13. Cause

    Who still periodically checks the forums due to habit even though the server and forums are 100% done?