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    Wow, a Nazi quoting Reagan. If you could provide some evidence to that claim at all, directly from the manifesto, that'd be nice, but you can't do that because such evidence doesn't exist.
  3. The People's Lair Adventures

    W A F E R read the manifesto and you'd know that's bullshit.
  4. The People's Lair Adventures

    I find it highly ironic that you're a nazi and are calling other people cancer. Gtfo here.
  5. The People's Lair Adventures

    no u
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    gtfo with that pedo derp
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  8. Final Videos... I will miss this place.

    I have this problem too. Idek why.
  9. Cause

    Who still periodically checks the forums due to habit even though the server and forums are 100% done?
  10. Glory to the Communist Ideology.

  11. v100v Update

    Basically everything you've said since you announced the server shutdown has been negativity towards your own playerbase and it's pretty shitty.
  12. v100v Update

    Is insulting people the only thing you're capable of?
  13. v100v Update

    Yes, it would be directly democratic. Also, I've never seen the venus project before and that interests me greatly. Imagine if society actually came to a point such as that, a utopia such as that. That, sadly, will not happen in our lives, but we can begin to work towards it. In many ways my system of communes is much like that.
  14. v100v Update

    well, that's why I believe in a system of Communes which will answer both your questions. Communes would be from the size of small towns to the size of large cities. Since nationwide or worldwide communism is a difficult achievement, a system of communes is the solution. Each commune works like it's own mini nation, with it's own government, culture, laws, system of division of labor etc. Communes have been proven to work numerous times, which is why I believe in this system. Workers within the communes would do their jobs, and in turn get housing, food, education for their children, healthcare, and all necessities to have a comfortable middle class life. There would also be a sort of "Free Market" in between Communes. Not a Capitalist Free Market, a much more fair one. Communes would produce things and sell them to other Communes and citizens of other Communes, allowing for workers and people to get wants as well as needs. Their own Commune would give them an allowance of "money" per week to go spend on things from other Communes. Say a Commune specialized in making Tofu, and another specialized in making Wine, and each population wants the product the other commune produces. The tofu Commune sets up a shop in the wine Commune and vice versa, they make each other money. Well what if some citizens of the wine Commune want wine? It's the product of their own labor, therefore it's free to them. Therefore, you have a highly advanced economy between competing Communes, spreading products worldwide by trade. It has all the needed attributes of a highly efficient economy like competition, motivation, a stronger dollar (there wouldn't be inflation), no economic depressions, and predictability.