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  1. pretty fuckin accurate
  2. derp I made a lot of wrong votes by a accident
  3. pls ted
  4. Hello everyone, as former President of the People's Congress, Commander of the People's Army and General Secretary of the Worker's Party of the Socialist People's Republic of Rapture (SPRR) I announce that due to lack of active members and lack of a base we are disbanded. This is a victory for some, a loss for some, and a meme for others (walrus n stuff) but this isn't a defeat on our part. We're all okay and will just go our separate ways. GG.
  5. Welcome to the server, OpusKnight.
  6. I support this, it's a great idea.
  7. I joined after the TP, I didn't TP to anyone and was all alone for a while. The TP may be a good idea, but I never see the admins agreeing to doing anything like this. This would allow the newer weaker players to continue to play without having to experience any hardships like the rest of us have had to. Natural selection occurs at spawn all the time, the weak stop playing and the strong survive. There are more weak than strong, but I would rather have a small amount of strong players than a large amount of weak players.
  8. why did you clickbait
  9. for the record he had 2 more sets than me and a shovellor so
  10. We didn't do that. 1: It's her base so she probably did it for us, 2: There's no proof we did.
  11. fixed your slot problem.
  12. why where's it supposed to be?
  13. We've finally done it. One victory for the left. Today, the Lair, Tomorrow, the world. (this is satirical just so the stupid people know. )