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  1. What did the DPRM do and why?

    That is one of the most uniquely shitty reasons to raid someone. +1 for spending so little time constructing a response, GreenGaming.
  2. Should down voting be disabled?

    -1 for suggesting such a silly idea, ironic isn't it?
  3. _

    ​Go make a forum post and stop leeching off of others.
  4. Re introduction

    I got banned across the entire network, what's your story?
  5. Hardcore Hacking Bans

    cna i as unban aslo
  6. Banned Across All of Viper's Servers

    ​It is extremely obvious which ones are DRPM & "Aoura", the only ones that have a questionable origin are the penultimate and the one before the penultimate picture which are from Ted's Rails.
  7. Hardcore Hacking Bans

    Nobody is immune when Viper is on his drugs.
  8. I've been banned from all servers, I'm not looking for an appeal just yet if anyone was interested. I'll be prowling the forums from now on.
  9. Paradise trailer

    I love the effort put into this but the framerate does need a little help. Amazing work and many thanks .
  10. Vipers Lair World Wonders

    Pointless. Though if it raises your ego, go ahead.
  11. Banned on 2, looking for 3 by next week.

  12. Hacker on the hardcore server

    ​You're opinion is unwanted and completely worthless in the context it was used in. You are just trying to create trouble.
  13. Hacker on the hardcore server

    I'm amazed that you weren't able to lightly press on button on your keyboard to take a screenshot, Jesus Christ, If i'm scaling a 7 block wall, you aren't exactly pushed for time. On another note, Regarding the Desert "Great Escape" you mention that you "just saw how I flew away into the desert" but didn't manage to screenshot you seeing this. You also didn't decide to follow me which is unusual as you could've easily caught up with me and forced me to "supposedly fly away from you" granting you more evidence, which undoubtedly you would've somehow managed to miss. If you have a obesity problem which affects the size of you fingers you can talk to us about it. ​Without evidence you are just embarrassing yourself, please don't waste everyone's time by commenting accusations if there is no evidence.
  14. Viper is actually a Russian who has spent his entire life dedicated to stealing thousands of passwords using his multiple Minecraft servers and his corrupt website, though personally endorsed by Vladimir Putin he considers himself a rogue hacker. Read more about Vladimir Viper...
  15. Hacker on the hardcore server

    ​Now that is blatantly untrue, when we were online at the same time the only time you saw me was when I approached you from behind, after I hit you I then jumped from your house, onto the walls (which appears plausible as you house is made into the wall.), at no point did I fly. I'm sorry someone released your coordinates and your safe space has been violated but don't try and get me banned because you thought your little base could be kept a secret. And please, next time, if you see me fly, take a screenshot instead of running to the forums and accusing someone of something with no evidence.