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  1. Players lagging the server to abuse a DUPE glitch.

    Yep..... but mods arent on to help very often
  2. Players lagging the server to abuse a DUPE glitch.

    Yep... Can a mod please do something..... He always does this, no mod ever helps with it..
  3. My Transformation of Spawn

    You could put it either way: Creating racist signs.Causing lag (Due to lava)Oh and don't forget the number 1 general rule that can be used anyway they want: "[Behavior] Inappropriate behavior is determined by staff discretion" I also think this player should be banned... No need for people like him/her who spend their lives trying to ruin the game for others... Think about what you're standing up for.
  4. Just donated $5USD... Not much but hopefully enough to keep the snapshot server going just that bit longer. :)

  5. Donations

    Hey, Just wondering what donations go towards and IF I donate, how can i know it will go to improving the snapshot server? Thanks Shady_Val
  6. <=> Rapture Recruitment <=>

    This is so formal
  7. Why was Leafy reported for a dupe

  8. player crashing and lagging server

  9. player crashing and lagging server

    This is true.. Staff we really need some help, this is continuous. I made an earlier report with a screenshot showing he purposefully lags the server AND dupes items. Any help is greatly appreciated... We need it quick before players start leaving due to the uncontrollable lag.
  10. Why was Leafy reported for a dupe

    ..... You don't even know about it
  11. Why was Leafy reported for a dupe

    lol - He started saying it was a "joke" AFTER I told him I reported him... If you think this story is legit, check the logs to see what they said to each other and look at WHEN they started saying it was a joke... Hope you get what you deserve.
  12. Hey, On the snapshot server there is a player and his team who are purposefully lagging the server to exploit the dupe glitch. The dupe glitch is basically: You drop an item on the ground before the server crashes and when u log back in, it gives you another... (SOMETIMES) The player is: Leafy_Bleach and as you can see in the screenshots his teammate is: xFlameBoyx The items they're duping are god ones and we are constantly lagged out because of them. Please do something about them. Thanks Shady_Val
  13. Snapshot Server

    The snapshot server cannot hold more then 5-ish players... Is it possible to update the server for more RAM?? An trend of new players will eventually ruin the server. Please keep us posted atleast. Thanks