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  1. We aren't gone yet.

    I vote to just go ahead and let it die.
  2. DPRM Reformation

  3. Cause

    Honestly i feel like more people check this now then they did before it was all over.
  4. Sanctuary City

    On the snapshot server Alas, Wolfances, Val and I all made a base called Sanctuary city. This was for our small little group that never had an offical name until the very end of vipers lair named "Confederacy of Builders". It was only for the more trusted people to say i guess and the coordinates were hardly given out to anyone until the very end. I did world download the base though so if anyone is curious what we were up to on there then you can take a look. It could be better of course but most of us played to have fun and do out thing and didn't put all our effort into building something. The file attached is the world download for it.
  5. Dear Viper, TIFU

  6. Dear Viper, TIFU

    i still have no clue who you even are
  7. Sorry to see it go but its best truly

  8. Dear Viper, TIFU

    Dub didnt pay for the server it had nothing to do with you.
  9. Expect A Big Announcemnt This Weekend

    good luck
  10. Tommrow The World Changes

    you act like you guys only know the other method
  11. Why Capitalisme Is The Best System!

    He actually just doesn't speak English very well because it isn't his first language also he used to be known as kisseps if anyone knew him from before
  12. Please Remove Multicraft

    ignore le peasant
  13. exactly what a terrorist would say camoka
  14. literally piss off camoka