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  1. That_BallZac spamming SoccerStarTomo spamming
  2. id be interested in helping when i can if your up for me doing so
  3. i wasnt a part of this project actually but you may be able to ask one of the people listed about joining.
  4. Looks really cool! Interested to see it when your done
  5. I mean this is kinda late and probably doesn't help to many but heres this. only works for your computer though
  6. that would be the best thing but we are trying to get more people on the snapshot :p
  7. this guy is just spamming being an annoyance
  8. SirAetherius this kid just spamming and continues to
  9. screenshot below of him filling my screen with spam
  10. If there was ever a dupe this would be a serious flaw the way voting works right now would be best imo
  11. ​no that is not how its gonna go ​I can decide how I want to spend my dragon egg. ​Considering i told you guys about how to get them im just going to say you shouldnt pass them around for something like this