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  1. 10/10 voice mate
  2. he cant help himself if he isnt getting off to dead guys then its dead posts...... smh get some help walrus
  3. as you can see this player made sign can confirm that camoka is autistic so all these reasons seem valid as far as im concerned
  4. this pretty much sums up why you would be banned for claiming to be camoka
  5. OMG fucking hackers i swear man i cant believe he uses such little amount of mods, i prefer wurst myself.
  6. New people join every single day still and if more people stayed because they could get right in with someone the player base would be bigger so it could lead to DDoS atacks like the server has had in the past.
  7. if im honest i dont see this becoming a reality.
  9. He can report whatever he wants guys and the admins will decide what is really happening there is no point in making a post about it
  10. let them punch the trees.... whatever helps them sleep
  11. this is coming from the person who spawn killed new spawns yet you say you want to help.... makes sense lmao
  12. Happy Birthday


  13. No offense but the whole post isnt really that needed considering everything done was allowed and within reason. You shouldnt have given out coords for any reason especially to someone in sprr i mean what did you expect. Also theres no reason to say that everyone in sprr is evil considering you have no clue who all is in sprr as there were only two people there versus the many people who actually are in sprr. Germ pointed out other things i am just pointing out how pointless the post was.
  14. That_BallZac spamming SoccerStarTomo spamming