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    The only thing I do on MC is viper. Its the only reason I still have it installed.
    You go Glen CoCo.

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  1. Official Rip Forums Page

    Rip fourms. ;-;
  2. New Website Theme

    Good to know! Unemployed Person Approves
  3. New Website Theme

    Late reply, but why not? (Is that allowed here btw?)
  4. Hey everyone! I refused to play before due to hacks, but now that the snapshots are back I am here and ready to play again! Cant wait to see everyone.
  5. NightWidow spamming

    Yeah, it doesnt look like this is spam, It would be spam if there was a thouuuusand more lines, maybe. xD
  6. 100th post

  7. Ight so I see most of the people picked 5-10 days. But then again thats a lot if you consider it as a full week or more.
  8. As the title says, I would like to know the chance of getting a rare item whilst voting for the server. Is it totally completely random? Or is there a sort of timer/limit of getting a good item? Thanks. (Oh yeah, when I mean a full day I mean 8 votes in 24 Hours)
  9. done with xbox

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ True
  10. Schubi42 spamming

    Upgraded to dif client, mine keeps crashing.
  11. Schubi42 spamming

    Schubi42 spamming
  12. Vote Item Suggestions

    I was thinking the "box pack" is a very smart idea. Sure, let the players get boxes because I have almost more than a stack all together. Quite easy stuff. If this does happen I'll be in love with the server even more than I already am. xD (Oh, and if it doesnt happen thats fine with me)
  13. Awesome Poll Time!

    So I've streamed before. In just 3 weeks I got 220 followers, but the thing is I haven't streamed since late July. So its been a while. I might get back into streaming MC on your server, since the only thing I actually do on minecraft is go to your server, viper. (PS, My real name is Nick) As always, Chinese kid approves.