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  1. The Echoes Network: A New Home For Vipers Players

    who bans my beloved lampu >:(((
  2. Cause

  3. v100v Update

    it was that bad I left ME I LEFT.
  4. v100v Update

    reeee triggered much green im not telling you how to play the bloody game am I you halfwit, it seems my original point of over politicising the game went straight over your head. for shame. and this. wow, you actually managed to misconstrue the blindingly obvious message my post conveys, then make a reply that's not even related to anything I said. What's the whole community bit for? when did I even mention the community. Additionally, how do you manage to come to the conclusion i'm solely here to play minecraft. You invalidate your original question by asking why i'm even on the forums when it's pretty clear in the first place. your replies make my head hurt, they're that bad. following your inevitable grasping attempts at retorts, you can both just have fake internet points to cater to your egos, instead of an actual reply.
  5. v100v Update

    whats wrong is over politicising the GAME to the point where you're such a vehement zealot about a pathetic political ideology, in a GAME. very few of you manage to separate video games from real life, it gives the impression you've managed to somehow blur the lines between the former and the latter.
  6. v100v Update

    jesus christ that was painful to look at, you just take the whole, le edgy communist thing way too far
  7. v100v. Our final hope.

    i sexually identify as a rick and morty, my preferred pronouns are pickle rick and wubalubadubdub eks dee funniest meme
  8. Dear Viper, TIFU

    Pride is one of the seven deadly sins. To hell with ye, damned soul
  9. Dear Viper, TIFU

  10. Dear Viper, TIFU

    ClUeLeSs KiDs ʞɔnɟ me the amount of arrogance over something so meaningless as a reputation in a video game about virtual legos it is so almost funny almost
  11. Dear Viper, TIFU

    ^ le self proclaimed legend babbayyy
  12. Dear Viper, TIFU

    and set you back to 0 to show your incessant like whoring was literally worthless
  13. Server clone analysis

    mad also, If you think the fact that I enjoyed the pointless mutual derp flinging and piss-offery will translate anywhere outside of this server, my apologies, I don't really care.
  14. The End of The Lair, Thank YOU Viper

  15. The End of The Lair, Thank YOU Viper

    am i not allowed to be? sorry my ladyship for offending thee so