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  1. Dear Viper, TIFU

    Pride is one of the seven deadly sins. To hell with ye, damned soul
  2. Dear Viper, TIFU

  3. Dear Viper, TIFU

    ClUeLeSs KiDs ʞɔnɟ me the amount of arrogance over something so meaningless as a reputation in a video game about virtual legos it is so almost funny almost
  4. Dear Viper, TIFU

    ^ le self proclaimed legend babbayyy
  5. Dear Viper, TIFU

    and set you back to 0 to show your incessant like whoring was literally worthless
  6. Server clone analysis

    mad also, If you think the fact that I enjoyed the pointless mutual derp flinging and piss-offery will translate anywhere outside of this server, my apologies, I don't really care.
  7. The End of The Lair, Thank YOU Viper

  8. The End of The Lair, Thank YOU Viper

    am i not allowed to be? sorry my ladyship for offending thee so
  9. The End of The Lair, Thank YOU Viper

  10. Guess who's back.. again

    Error 404: Regards not found
  11. Tommrow The World Changes

    wow thats super gay of them to patch the glitch where you throw an enderpearl upwards while using a portal
  12. Racisme in the world

    >Daily Mail Sorry but the daily mail is literally right wing conservative propaganda. /thread
  13. My custom Nether cave build

  14. My custom Nether cave build

    he's not even judging it? he's just making a statement. Get it fucking right.
  15. [Serious] The End Of The DPRM III