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  1. Nahh sorry, they do. And congrats, you've surpassed my expectations and have genuinely surprised me by reaching an entirely new level of sadness. Please excuse me while I go and ʇıɥs out pure regret for having come into contact with such depressing human beings.
  2. wOw ThAtS pReTtY uSeFuL i WaSn'T aWaRe Of ThIs NeAt TrIcK bEfOrE yOu KnOw Im PrEtTy NeW tO tHiS gAmE tHaNkS fOr ThE rEaLlY uSeFuL gUiDe ThOuGh : ) ) ) ) ) ) ) )
  3. pretty much this looks pretty wank m9, git gud
  4. bitch credit me
  5. sounds like a you problem we dont care
  6. rename thread g8's autism page pls its more fitting
  7. cOnNeCtIoN pRoBlEmS af
  8. what
  9. k
  10. U.K slang for pedo
  11. inb4 "b-but muh communism"
  12. sounds like you need some e v i d e n c e ;^) Also, does any of this surprise you @OP, the largest "group" are going to be swinging their engorged e-peen around just because they can.
  13. either you're really tiny or that is one big a$$ chair. i'm going with the first one