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  1. opinion gets downvoted toplel butthurt af also no
  2. don't kid yourself edgelord, it's hardly shitposting on a forum with a peak population of what, 5 registered users? nobody cares, green's alt
  3. ريب المنتديات
  4. please keep these forums free from dirty things thanks
  5. no
  6. gay
  7. The title of the poll is about the map reset. It's under the assumption that a map reset happens. checkmate green
  8. how would I know? and whats to prevent you from using a vpn because green is an edgy cucc, you ask a sTo0pId question green
  9. it's not an assumption the facts have been checked
  10. green needs to stop fellating himself thru memebot :^)
  11. fake news sounds like something green himself would say alt confirmed gtfo
  12. bastardturdkey be the name, triggering commies is the game
  13. lololol facist funny meme
  14. triggered commie alert
  15. this proves nothing, where are your facts ?