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  1. v100v Update
  2. Server clone analysis

    We know literally nothing for sure about v100v, you can't compare servers that exist to servers that don't.
  3. v100v Update

    @v100v If you can prove that you're not some random guy trying to obtain our information, I think a ton of us would love to join. With regards, Alas
  4. DPRM Reformation

    I'm perfectly aware. I'm active, though you wouldn't know it.
  5. DPRM Reformation

    Anyone who believes that joining this 'confederacy' is a good idea is fooling themselves. Rapture will return. Bend over.
  6. The Confederacy of Builders has thus far been limited to the Snapshot server in our operations, but with the dissolution of SPRR, we have decided to migrate to the Vanilla server. We function the same as any other group and intend to take up the liberal role of SPRR on the server. We are well established on the server in terms of resources and builds; challenging any group is not our intention, but we will not allow any group to establish total dominance over the server. (COUGH DPRM COUGH) Don't bother applying to the group unless you are well versed with Viper's Lair and can string together nouns and verbs into a proper sentence. We won't interfere with your affairs unless you interfere with ours.
  7. TenDarrah Duping

    Actually, I only want twats like you banned. You and your toxic friends.
  8. Alas filing false reports

    You were almost definitely duping, bud. No way to prove otherwise unless logs are checked.
  9. TenDarrah Duping

    These USC idiots seriously need to stop duping. As usual, screenshots attached.

    Gotta love it when admins believe 'evidence' without any real proof and ban because of it. Welcome to the club, Green.
  11. Griefed, so now I have a question...

    Reign of terror. No question.
  13. NR is recruiting.

    Actually, Impact DOES work with 1.11.2