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  1. v100v Update

  2. Right now the Vanilla server chat is going off with racial slurs so bad, I had to turn my chat filter off completely. :/ And right after Ted leaves, too... ​(edit: my coords were in the ss; I forgot to snip them out... D:)
  3. Flying Too Fast?

    Had a lovely intellectual discussion with MeebaFan about flying in game. I'm no Minecraft Server expert, but I thought if you are flying quite fast, it lags the server. He said I have no proof of that, then explained to me he was flying at 500% and he didn't want to tell me because that was the whole base of my "argument". He told me an admin said that hacks were allowed....... I mean, if 500% doesn't lag the server, and he's right... Sorry. My b. (Vanilla.)