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  1. How is the server unable to keep up with a 200GB map yet has a constant playerbase of around 100 players at a time with a map size of 2TB? It is often quite smooth to play on considering the circumstances
  2. Toran Trade Federation

    I vote yes to kevin being a member
  3. GreenGaming8's Official Meme Page

    this interests meme I need a meme of memeself
  4. Prominent member of [Redacted].

  5. 1.9 Release Announced! [Updated]

    Oh, well that's cool for everyone else.
  6. 1.9 Release Announced! [Updated]

    Early access to the 1.9 map
  7. 1.9 Release Announced! [Updated]

    Do donors still get early access?
  8. Reporting player for spam

    Reporting player alfredragen for spam
  9. Can we have a donator teleport?

    ​ Not if a cooldown is introdocued. Maybe 20 minutes for regulars and 10 minutes for donors?
  10. Can we have a donator teleport?

    I agree with Nauga on this. No free diamonds, just a place for donors to meet up. However, I might suggest a .gohome command or something similar also so you can get back from the .dtp area as some people are based very far away.