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  1. Guess who's back.. again

    You're so old you still have +10 rep. I love you and remember you too <3
  2. Guess who's back.. again

    New members here I guess you won't know me So I go by the name Tornadome, AnarchistZ and xgz I remember RockyGate, Viper, GreenNaugahyde and that's about it really. Some other staff but it was long ago.
  3. I'm back.

    Hopefully Viper or any other admin can transfer vip status from AnarchistZ to my new account.
  4. I'm back.

    Most of you don't know me, which is ok I suppose. I've been busy lately in University and work. I joined this server in probably 2015? I don't really know. So, I am back. My Minecraft account was deleted because of a skid (hacker) ​Some mc names I used if you don't know me: AnarchistZ Tornadome xgz I know a few people like Viper, Green_Naugahyde, Guinea Pig, a few others.
  5. Can Particle Trails be added for donors.

    Since when was I complaining? I just asked if its possible to add it, and you asked me if I realise how hard that is. That is not complaining.
  6. Can Particle Trails be added for donors.

    You mean with testfor, scoreboard and particle? Yes, easy as pie.
  7. Can Particle Trails be added for donors.

    Seriously he attempted to write on my keyboard, let me call him. Ok, this is what he can write: fgh5trekefde-[ew GG
  8. Can Particle Trails be added for donors.

  9. Can we have a donator teleport?

    ​I am reviving this post, so its going to be added soon, or you COMPLETELY forgot?
  10. Can Particle Trails be added for donors.

    Viper? Anyone Please?
  11. Who misses good old minecraft?

    Ikr! Its amazing how we remember all those cool, funny and annoying memories back in the old days. Annoying as in remember in beta when we drowned we could hardly get back up? The cool when there was no hunger, the funniness because of the sarcastic sounds the character (Steve) had. and I can relate what you said I used to play on this server "WestWorldMC" I was a normal nub player until I quit because these idiot VIP's (before the eula) grieved my house in creative UNTIL I was the biggest donor VIP Viii or so. I started bossing around the VIP's as if I was king. The owner told me to stop until he added this rank BossVIP which was kind of a high price. Whoever got it first was master, second was sidekick master and so on. The VIP's built us bases the size of Mount Everest. NOW: I quit because of the server's shutdown. I then worked on a server "StowMarinesMC" and I truly feel the old minecraft community! Old Community: Hey there can you teach me how to create a sword? Sure mate all you need is 2 wood aligned at the top with one stick under it. Thanks mate! New community consisted with babies: Hey there can you teach me how to create a sword? No Silence or "ARE YOU DUMB M8 LOL RECORDED GET REKT!"
  12. Who misses good old minecraft?

    Remember when we almost drowned we couldn't get back up, no hunger and the sarcastic sounds? My story: I started a cracked version of mc so the nostalgia is the same as some of you, but still the nostalgia is still with me in some way. This is my story... I'd got the game a few days after it's release sometime in 2008 (Infdev or?!), I have been playing for 8 years since then and back in Infdev or whatever it was, I was such a noob! I started the game up and got used to some stuff, I still remember to this day the first building I made, it was a pathetic castle made of netherrack and cobblestone but back then it was something special. To me any build looked great even if it was a little wood shack or an underwater sponge bob builds, it still looked beautiful. So anyway after building this Castle I went and mined for diamonds and succeeded. I just felt like sharing this with you guys and I'd love to read your nostalgia stories too! I wish I had pictures of some builds unfortunately no.
  13. Can Particle Trails be added for donors.

    including .particle and something similar
  14. Can Particle Trails be added for donors.

    /particle don't work
  15. Can Particle Trails be added for donors.

    But seriously how would we get it?