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  1. xtra_nerd & Haterz

    Sent messages like this to Onitai, Black_Vixen, and Myself. Haterz came on right after xtra logged off. He kept changing his story, saying he just got home with his brother, then saying he got home to his brother on the tv, then to his brother logging off minecraft. There is no reason to believe they are different people. But he can try to explain himself clearly if he wants. I think he switched accounts to try and defend himself from IP ban realizing his trolling went too far.
  2. My restaurant in the snapshot server both in my texture pack and in the basic texture pack.



    1. GreenGaming8


      thats pretty cool how you made the pictures transition

  3. Spammer

    jordandino417 has been harassing us for a while now, and keeps spamming. Been harassing us and spamming in general for an hour at least. And still is while I make this topic. He admitted to being 12 as well, not really old enough to be on MC in the first place.
  4. Version 1.11.0


    This is the most updated version Here's the original Topic for the resource pack ~ The original topic has instructions on how to use the pack as well as updates about what has been added and so forth ^^/
  5. View File MahoHaku's Affinity Resource Pack This is the most updated version Here's the original Topic for the resource pack ~ The original topic has instructions on how to use the pack as well as updates about what has been added and so forth ^^/ Submitter MahoHaku Submitted 04/07/17 Category Resource Packs  
  6. MahoHaku's MC fabulizing Resource Pack (WIP)

    Another Update! < - Download here Updates I can think of off the top of my head - Red Stone Lamps - Cave Spiders - Spiders - Totems - Some Paintings And lastly, it was also made to work with the latest Snapshot and Versions!! Still open to Requests one what to do next
  7. Rainbow beam, Just felt like fun to try xD


  8. Goodbye Old base, we put a lot of work into you before you were griefed. I didn't bother taking before/after screencaps of the griefing but I do have captures of the base when it was nice. This was our vanilla server base. We probably spent months on making it nice before my mouse broke. Was kind of bummed to come back to it griefed. But I guess we'll just have to find a new place to build. Hopefully this time in a flower forest *Crosses fingers*.

    Vanilla Base Old.png

    My Room.png

  9. Felt like making a gif of the sunset at my oceana server base that I share with Yanguchitzure and Ayachitzure and their younger cousin Champ.


  10. Love the new dark layout of the website. It looks really nice with my banner and Avatar ♥. Also need to move with my team. Our place was raided hardcore and griefed. 50 chests gone but at least I have screen caps, gonna rebuild similar further out.

  11. Amplified is currently not working for me with the snapshot 1.10 pre2. I have everything set but when I log onto amplified either it crashes while on the loading screen, or crashes within a second of me poofing onto the map. It shows other's I'm on for a second and immediately logged off.

    Posting up my error messages


    Crash 1.png

    Crash 2.png

    1. MahoHaku


      Also in my log the only thing out of the ordinary says "Game ended with bad state (exit code 255)"

  12. Sorry for the tiny amount of Spam, had to put this up here xD. Bunch of stuff from the old server. The statue dedicated to Adrian and Yanguchitzure and my old base on



  13. Guess who will soon have more time to work on the texture pack > v >

    I'm close to finishing all of my owed artwork for the first time in a year (While not taking on more so I'll actually have ME art time > v < )

    I also put together a Gif realquick of the texture pack as is


  14. No tp?

    I like the idea of no teleporting now. Honestly, I like that it discourages griefing since groups can't go teleporting around to destroy stuff and get back to their bases just like that. So if someone wants to grief all over the place with their friends they have to put work and time into it xD.
  15. MahoHaku's MC fabulizing Resource Pack (WIP)

    1.9 Compatible version for this texture pack can be downloaded > here < Textures that have been updated - Dragon Fireball - End stone - Elytra -Sign - Grass path - Beetroot seeds - Beets - Beet growing stages - Beet soup - pumpkin pie - Elytra items - Brewing stand GUI - Inventory GUI - Pack Icon