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  1. As you all know, I have quit the server about 2 weeks ago. However I have herd from nauga that he and some other want my accounts, and that his friend nerhvarianDoom wants doner, So I have started off by gifting my doner status to him. Now as for my accounts, I am going to change the password to littlepiggles77 and give it to the dprm. I will probably give my other account rocky away soon, but I am not quite "emotionally" ready to part with it. So dprm stay tuned to skype for the littlepiggles account.
  2. Deleted
  3. Btw a actual idea: spawn eggs
  4. ​There's an idea. How about a new vote system where every time anyone votes, Rocky gets a random item and 5 levels? ​I think that is probably best for everyone. Its only fair after all.
  5. wow
  6. A idea that would be really good and is not a collectable player item would be potions of luck, and potions of unluck (is that what you call them?). Also I have an idea to make voting much better that I will post about soon.
  7. OK guys to be honest, collectable items in reference to players are not collectable if everyone has one, so we need to decide on a few great ones, and change them up with new ideas every now and then, so everyone has a chance if they think of something cool. Right now I would say Greens Naugahyde and Prayeds Russian Vodka are the best. To be honest rockys gate of destiny is kida a derp idea, and I do like pointy British guys hat, but someone can think of something better.
  8. Yes it was far more popular than 2b2t by a longshot
  9. ooo I'm upgrading.... but to what?
  10. wish I had a rail pack unopened
  11. Im fine with them, as long as they speak english.
  12. shitpost

    If u can randomly find me at 25k, so u have admin probably.
  13. lamo, apprently I got a frount stage view in russhers video too.
  14. as of today, the old map has finally left us for good, is down.​ 2014-10/19/2016 May this wonderful map rest is peace.