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  1. Staff Nominations

    Username: TheGuineaPig Reason: He's a Very Great player and Very Kind, he has been playing for 3 years so he knows all the admins. He also is the European time zone so now we will have someone that can help other players that are in the same timezone. I believe that TheGuineaPig will be a very good admin. European Timezones: Green_Naughyde and TheGuineaPig, So you can have two admins in the European Timezone
  2. Spammerr

    This Firestone Guy was Spamming
  3. Spammer

    This person was spamming rip and the lightning can cause lag
  4. Food Spammer

    He is Also Spamming
  5. Food Spammer

    Playername: Arturs_2013 Reason: Spamming the food and Causing lag Other: He admitted to spamming the Food @ViperSRT3g
  6. We should add a .rulebook command so if people need to know the rules, they can just type in the command and get a rule book @ViperSRT3g
  7. Spammer!

    This Guys is Spamming
  8. Mods Server

    Ok I have the Forge 1.8.9 And the Mods Go to this link, All of these Mods are Compatible with Multiplayer-Evil_bill
  9. Mods Server

    Ok, @ViperSRT3g I will also be testing it on my 1.8 server, just in case it is not compatible with multiplayer
  10. Mods Server

    Ok, so @ViperSRT3g do you just want to download a FTB Modpack or I can compile one if you want
  11. Mods Server

    At this moment I am testing the mods Compatibility with eachother, do you have any mods in mind that would be cool? @ViperSRT3g
  12. Mods Server

    @ViperSRT3g What version of Minecraft Would you like? I have 1.8 and below, i can upgrade it when new 1.9 mods and the forge 1.9 comes out
  13. Mods Server

    @ViperSRT3g I will compile the modpack and i will give it to you to use for the server
  14. Mods Server

    @ViperSRT3g I mean like a server with mod's such as Eribis Mod, Stefinus Guns, etc
  15. Mods Server

    I Have a Idea, Why don't Viper make a Mod Server Where there are a Bunch of mods and we all play and have fun. I can donate some Money to help