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  1. Hey, I remember you! Welcome back. And yes, hacking is still allowed. Duping, spamming, and speedhacking are not though.
  2. When no-one posts in 2 days
  3. In all fairness, it's not hard to get shulker boxes. I remember when me, Green and a few others headed out into the End after the update came out, and obtaining a ton of shells.
  4. You guys should stop speculating on the authenticity of that image. The only way to truly confirm that would be for the admins to check the logs. Also, Photoshop or any other editing software is in no way required to manipulate situations like that. Ever heard of tellraw?
  5. This website is basically a social network in itself
  6. That's not necessarily true - there were a few people who played after me. Take pielord for example.
  7. I think Prayed's right. Also, realise that 'power' is a very broad term, and the only ones who truly have any are the admins.
  8. Happened at approx 8:30PM GMT, proof is below
  9. Neither. They are both in creative mode. ba dum-tss
  10. No
  12. Anger makes people stupid. Taking it out on people who had no involvement in the destruction of your base is not going to help you or anybody else.
  13. Here are a few builds that I would personally consider 'world wonders'. Two are my own, and one is not. First one is my castle and the surrounding village (not a great screenshot but it was the most recent one I could find), the second is the town hall I built at DPRM II (the domes were built by TheGuineapig), and the Jesus statue which I believe was made by PrayedGerm.