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  1. DPRM III - Revamped

    I know this forum is pretty much dead, but I just wanted to showcase my singleplayer work on the DPRM III base myself and my team had while the server was still active. This was made on and off over the course of the two years the server has been dead, and was conceived pretty much from pure boredom. Allow me to give you a tour:
  2. We aren't gone yet.

    why are people still here
  3. Alright Vipers, the Jig is Up.

    nah. most people have moved on. the admins don't need any more grief anyhow lol. a world download would certainly be nice though.
  4. Final Videos... I will miss this place.

    Finally, a non-political post! Thank you.
  5. The People's Lair Adventures

    This thread makes me glad that I stopped playing Minecraft while I could
  6. A Call For Justice

    yeah please use your time productively instead of debating about random derp on the forum of an mc server that closed like 3 months ago
  7. Final Videos... I will miss this place.

    v100v seemed the most popular alternative last time I checked. Personally I've been gone from minecraft for over a month. but my habit of checking this website for new posts continues... sigh
  8. v100v Update

    Green, honestly I don't think 'changing their views' is what anyone's implying here. It's more the fact that people are so vocal and often obnoxious about them, particularly in contexts that don't concern politics. That's the annoying part of this which, according to Viper, contributed to the servers shutdown. Not to call out anyone in particular, I'm just giving my piece.
  9. Should v100v have a ban list?

    The DPRM died months ago lol.
  10. Why Was I Not Banned?

    Lol you need to pull your head out of your arse. You aren't the sole reason why the server's shutting down.
  11. GreenGaming8's Official Meme Page

    Exactly - just because you guys aren't playing, doesn't mean it's dead. it's seen better days for sure but the server's still very much alive.
  12. DPRM Reformation

    If you think it's dead, then maybe you should start playing more .-.
  13. Racisme in the world

    >Tfw you use The Daily Mail as a source It's a nice thought I guess, but the Daily Mail has always been shunned as a non-credible source. If you have any respect for the truth, you should stay away from it. This sums it up quite nicely--maybe Rocky was the one who wrote this article:
  14. Please Remove Multicraft

    Why are you like this
  15. DPRM Base Tour 7/28/17

    There is a community chestroom though. It's in my castle.