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  1. There is a community chestroom though. It's in my castle.
  2. Are you bipolar or something? A week ago you were telling me how 'amazing' you thought my base was.
  3. Bit late, this base got raided a year ago :^)
  4. Maybe the random tp could be brought back to give newcomers a small head-start ..?
  5. Your word-wall hurts my eyes. But you do raise a good point. Now that some of the groups on here are slowly dissolving, both new and old, adding some form of tpa could be a good idea. New groups formed and disbanded all the time on the previous map, which is something that should be encouraged on this one, too. Far too often you find that newcomers leave after dying while sifting through the spawn jungle, prompting them to leave the server and not give it a proper chance, which really is a shame because they don't get to see the server beyond the surface. However, admins have mentioned in the past that they would rather keep the server's player base low rather than high to steer clear of future DDoS attacks, of which the server has experienced in the past. A major one happened maybe two and a half years ago which killed off much of the community. I certainly wouldn't want another one to happen, and wouldn't want to put whatever is left of the community at risk. Though I don't fully agree with you, you do bring up a valid point. It could help the server's player base grow provided the admins would want it to and be willing to take that risk.
  6. Where'd Fudgy go? He kinda just disappeared
  7. Here are some updated screenshots of the DPRM base. If anybody else wants to share screenshots of their builds, feel free.
  8. BREAKING: Viper's Lair randomly receives an influx of new players. The server has been restored to its former level of popularity. Just kidding. They claimed to be raiding on behalf of FitMC but I'm pretty sure it was a bot attack of no actual relation to him. This happened around 20:25GMT. Proof is below. At one point, there were many more people(?) online than shown below but I did not get a screenshot.
  9. rip viper
  10. n o n c e a l e r t
  11. shut up mum
  12. Hey, I remember you! Welcome back. And yes, hacking is still allowed. Duping, spamming, and speedhacking are not though.
  13. When no-one posts in 2 days
  14. In all fairness, it's not hard to get shulker boxes. I remember when me, Green and a few others headed out into the End after the update came out, and obtaining a ton of shells.