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  1. Wow. It's been around 5 years, and I remembered that this exists. Hello o/


  2. TPing Idea

    I say that we should allow tping for votes. Instead of getting an item, we can ask for a TP to a specific coords instead. Maybe to make it more balanced, a person who asks for a TP doesn't get 30 levels or something, since I imagine that the command may get spammed if there is no slight penalty. Not sure if it would lag the server, but it skips the step of having to load all the places in-between, which also causes lag, if not more. Another idea, although completely separate, could be to place a spread players command block at spawn. That could be a nice, unpredictable way to let players get started, but less powerful than simply tping them somewhere. And yet another idea, to go with Maddie's idea, could be to simply add an end portal near spawn, or a tp point to an existing one. Going through the exit portal in the end automatically puts you at your bed, so it's an easy way to go to spawn and go back. This is the tactic I used before 1.7, and it worked great. Before I went full retard...
  3. Ban upscaleosprey12

    /me wishes that mojang would fix the particle bugs with water That potion effect is a perfect example.
  4. Vanilla Server Traffic

    I imagine that is likely caused by the existence of snapshots. People who were playing on those now have no snapshot to play, and as such are now on the actual version and as such on the vanilla server. I imagine, now that we have the snapshot server as well, that it may fluctuate back in forth between the two as new updates come along. But with that aside, that's a heck of a lot of people. The count, according to your chart, more than doubled in the past week. I call that a victory.
  5. Snapshot server after snapshots

    I had posted this before the server became amplified. Not sure if I agree with what happened, but at least we have a use for it now.
  6. Snapshot server after snapshots

    I understand that. I was just thinking of coming up with an alternate idea in the cases that they are far off. Nobody said it had to last for a long time, or that he had to do it every time.
  7. So, now that the FTB server got swapped to being a snapshot server, I realized that 1.7 is going out around Friday. When that happens, there will be no snapshot to use. So what happens then? I have a few ideas: Duplicate vanilla server. This is pretty much what will happen by default, as the server will likely update to 1.7 anyway. Not sure why we would need 2 servers to destroy, but it's still a valid option. Creative server. Just a map, preferably SuperFlat, in which people may have creative and build whatever. Not sure how the rules would work, as they may need to be changed. Custom map server. We could put a map on the server, say PVP or other sorts of games, and have it open to people who want to play. Depending on the map, things like whitelists may have to be used to prevent overfilling, and grief may need to be enforced. Old version server. Instead of 1.7, we could install an older version of the game and make a retro server. Older versions are available from the new launcher, so getting the old clients and servers wouldn't be difficult. The version could be voted for on the website. If you have other ideas, post them below. Note that the purpose of the poll is to see the popularity of different options. It states what MIGHT happen, not what WILL. ~streak1
  8. Turning the Vanilla server into a snapshot server

    I say no as well. While I don't use many mods and it wouldn't really make a big difference for me, many of the h@x0r$ in the server would probably just leave, since mods generally don't update per snapshot. There's also the problem of keeping up to date, since you would have to update the server like mad for each snapshot. I would just wait for 1.7 itself, since I assume it won't be in progress for that much longer. And, while I kinda hate to say it, not many people are on the FTB server anymore. It may be a considerable idea to switch that over to snapshots, since it would probably get a ton more people on it. And knowing that snapshots are generally poorly optimized and more demanding, the beefier-ness of the FTB server would probably make it a pretty good one. Not saying that you should, but just throwing the idea out there for shits-and-giggles.
  9. New Server Mods

    I would also like to suggest adding Thaumic Tinkerer and Thaumic Bees to the server. They add a ton of new stuff to Thaumcraft, and expand the research quite a bit.
  10. Random Weave Wallpaper

    I decided I needed a new wallpaper, and I decided to make my own. Figured I would share it with you guys in case you wanted to use it.
  11. FTB Unhinged Server is now Whitelisted

    You know if you could put a list of the white listed players on the first post? I think it would be nice to know who is and who isn't.
  12. FTB Unhinged Server is now Whitelisted

    User: streak1 I want to be whitelisted because I like playing FTB, and I have already been playing on the server. Nuff said.
  13. New Server Mods

    Some more mods! Extra Bees - Without it, bees are kinda boring and useless. Extra Bees does add some world gen, but that doesn't necessarily mean to reset the world. With Mystcraft, we should be able to find the added combs. Extra Trees - Just discovered this one, and it seems Binnie made a Tree Version of EB. It adds a ton more Trees, Planks, and Fruit, expanding the forest part of Forestry quite a bit. It also adds a HUGE amount of new blocks with the Woodworker and Panelworker. These basically combine two woods together in a pattern, and the Panelworker doing so with thin RP2-esque panel blocks. Not counting panels and blocks seperately, there are over 7 million combos of woods and patterns. Gravisuite and Advanced Solar Panels - I like these mods because they added a lot to IC2, and now it's weird not having them. I liked all the jetpack upgrades from Gravisuite, and only having one kind of Solar Panel seems like it's missing something. Maybe it's just me, but it isn't the same without those mods in. Note: these three mods are in Unleashed, and it may be easier for one joining the server to add Gregtech to Unleashed than vice versa Edit: Not requesting any changes here, but have you edited the config for gregtech in the server?
  14. Why Unhinged?

    As we all know, FTB Ultimate has been discontinued, and other packs have since been updated to 1.5 to replace it. However, 2 packs were released as the replacements, and Nak chose to use Unhinged instead of Unleashed. Just out of curiosity, why did you pick Unhinged over Unleashed? After all, Unleashed has almost twice as many mods, and many of them are major ones from Ultimate that Unhinged doesn't have. The only mod that is exclusive to Unhinged is Gregtech, and that could easily have been added to the pack manually.
  15. Texture Decision Making

    So, I am updating my texture pack for FTB 1.5.1, and I decided to change the sandstone a bit. Instead of having that odd slab-looking texture, I decided to change it to bricks. However, the maker of the original texture didn't include a version for carved sandstone. As such, I had to make my own to fit in with it. I ended up with 5 different ideas, but I can't decide which one I like the best. So, I decided I would make a poll so you could help.