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  1. Cleaning up the End

    Back on the forums, and I've done a lot to clean up the end. There's still a little on the edges to clean up so if you guys get the chance you should come help out!
  2. We aren't gone yet.

    top 10 anime comebacks
  3. I miss you guys...

    see my petition to revive vipers lair in the website chat
  4. just passed 4 years on the forums!!! epic games

  5. We aren't gone yet.

    i remember you because you have the word liver in your name
  6. We aren't gone yet.

    Obligatory N E C R O P O S T
  7. We aren't gone yet.

    To be honest the main reason I stopped playing minecraft was because vipers lair shut down
  8. We aren't gone yet.

    HA HA I bet you thought we would die out didn't you Viper? Incorrect, our love for Vipers Lair is undying.
  9. Alright Vipers, the Jig is Up.

    I literally am a founder of the DPRM
  10. Alright Vipers, the Jig is Up.

    Alright Viper's Lair admins, the jig is up, time to stop the joke. It's been a year already since Vipers' has shut down, and while that might be great and all, it's time to put the server back online. We can even get a world reset for 1.13! It'll be great. It's time to go back to the good old days of playing Vipers lair.
  11. GreenGaming8's Official Meme Page

    hippity hoppity this forum has become embroiled over people's rights on property
  12. The People's Lair Adventures

    a server
  13. The People's Lair Adventures

    ill be surprised if the peoples lair lasts that long
  14. The People's Lair Adventures

    since I got admin on the server I've just been building in creative haha
  15. A Call For Justice

    Age is just a number, it's your maturity that counts.