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  1. I am the admin of this meme page and non-server related memes are for peasants
  2. bet 99/100 people didnt know ted has a bow on his chest
  3. This forum is to be posted on when the forums is in a state of rip. Anyone is welcome to post "rip forums" here when the forums is currently rip.
  4. It would also make it a pseudo-creative server, with no value to any item, and the imbalance of gear would just grow between players.
  5. Base Update: Lots of progress has been made at the new SPRR base. Looking forward to great things in the future!
  6. go away nobody even remembers you anymore
  7. Feed the memes! FEED THEM!

  8. those are some pretty screenshots
  9. (American Soccer) (Rest of the world Football)
  10. so you have undeniable proof that memebot and I are the same person? do we have the same IP address?
  11. you just keep assuming im memebot ok
  12. The Lair as it is cannot sustain a large community. Even with 10 players, it can lag at times, and the admins would never be able to regulate a large amount of people (they can't even regulate the players we have now) not to mention that if a youtuber were to start playing Viper's Lair then that would bring the tryhards, eventually toppling the current leaders reign. Unless the fact that information about duping does not become widespread, then the current leaders would likely band together and consolidate their power. All in all, a youtuber joining the Lair would be a bad thing for the entire community, because in order for the server to stay afloat, Viper would have to hand over ownership to the youtuber to pay for the costs of a larger server, it is likely a queue would be implemented, which while the major players now would get priority in, they may not. (cough admins) The questions you have asked are a bit loaded. I would like to have a larger community on Viper's Lair, but the server cannot handle many people, and the forums would absolutely become chaos, and I, along with the other current leaders of the server, would lose their power compared to others. It is also unfair to ban the youtuber, as potential backlash could occur if we did, as fans of that youtuber could come and spam, spawnkill, or even Ddos the server and forums. ay 400th post
  13. I mean Ive never seen dm5w7ntb4j1hz8 on the server before so you can't be a regular on vanilla.