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  1. Vipers Lair Political Compass meme I only did people that I know enough to rate them, so if you arent there I dont know enough about you on the server, + I added no admins
  2. thx for the support
  3. I finally got around to recording the DPRM Museum Tour video, here it is: And also, here are some screenshots of the museum.
  4. don't post messages on necro-posts
  5. My friends, as some of you may not know, the server's payment will be ending this October, and because Viper and Dub are the ones paying for it, and they are obviously disinterested in the server, this could be the end of the Vipers Lair server for us all. That is exactly why we need a savior. Tedonculous must save us. As the most active admin, we the people need Ted to step up and become the true god of this server, and for him to be our savior. Without him, the Lair may fall into ruin. The people want you, Ted, to lead us. What shall you do?
  6. budget cuts
  7. 1 year ago today, the DPRM came together to found it's third base. That base still stands today, with some truly ancient builds still standing. I've added some screenshots of the base throughout the ages.
  8. what part of this contradicts that statement
  9. Thank you lord for your meme blessings
  10. yas I want to be an extra
  11. press r to pay respects
  12. Hacking is allowed on this server please read the rules before you report someone.
  13. Well Opus, this is a good server for the people that work hard and/or know their way around vanilla servers. If youre looking to become powerful, then I'd suggest make yourself known on the server and forums. but if you just want to play for fun, anywhere 200k+ out from spawn should be safe, but keep in mind, at that point it will just be singleplayer where you can chat with other people.
  14. Thats true, but I also think the admins would never agree to it if it was in the form that it was previously, because since admins are on a lot less now, the amount of players that are going to want to TP will be denser, which gives the admins less time to play.