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  1. Final Videos... I will miss this place.

    so it isn't just me lmao vipers lair, even without minecraft, binds us together
  2. v100v Needs A Donation

    literally buy it yourself
  3. Glory to Greencove!

  4. A list of all my cords (pt 1)

    these coords would be great if we could actually read them
  5. Final Videos... I will miss this place.

    Flux's Oldviper and v100v are both servers that people are playing right now. v100v has the powerful players playing it now, but the server has unknown management and is run unprofessionally, with the server being down every now and then. Currently the only people playing are old Vipers players, but the owner plans to advertise the server starting in a few days. Flux's Oldviper has the old Vipers map, and is professionally run, by someone who has server management experience. I logged into it a few days ago and it had 5+ people on, though that was the first time I saw it with that many people. I don't know how many people are currently playing it.
  6. v100v Update

    True, ted definitely did hold on, and I see your point. It's a shame that it has to end like this, but you can't just ask viper to like it or prayed and rocky to change their views, and we can't just get those guys that only insult people on the forums to leave.
  7. v100v Update

    Okay, so you're shutting down the server because you didn't like what the people on the server talked about? Okay. I can agree that the server started to get more governmenty with rocky and prayed, but that is just the way they like to play, and it even could have encouraged other people to play. I think that politics could have even encouraged players to play, you just didn't like it because your point of view was one of an admin, people arguing over politics, like they do in real life.
  8. v100v Update

    It appears so, though why should we be surprised. what you're doing is telling us the way we're playing the game is wrong, which you have no right to do.
  9. v100v Update

    who are you to tell us how to play an open world sandbox GAME? The point of Minecraft is to play it how you want, and it doesn't concern you how we like to play the GAME.
  10. v100v Update

    whats wrong with playing minecraft with order
  11. v100v. Our final hope.

    Im an intellectual and artist but not over 18
  12. v100v Update

    I had the same problem, it seems diamonds are rare.
  13. v100v Update

    well its a good thing after halloween admins won't be admins anymore and won't hold any real power over us because they seem to severely dislike v100v
  14. The Poll's Are In

    Ill likely play on the server with the biggest and most comfortable playerbase.
  15. Signup for DPRM Battle Royale

    Since the server is shutting down, I can now act on an idea I had a while ago, but couldn't do then. That idea is to hold a FFA pvp battle on a separately hosted server where the arena is the DPRM 3rd base. sign up below if youre interested, and remember there is only one response per person.