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  1. xonex12, Asse and Heppe (Hardcore Server)

    yaal crack me up
  2. The 'VANILLA' Controversy

    We all at some points I wish that it could be pure vanilla but there are servers out there that are withought hacks allowed but those servers also have fewer players although because they have so many restriction. By even adding plugins that makes the server semi vanilla. That's what makes viper truly awesome is the community and leniency the players have there are rules but getting mad over hackers wont solve anything. Also milkomedia if you would like you may even come build with me and my friends. I consider viper a recognizable server and the reason its so high up there in top servers for vanilla is its Plugin free world.
  3. Toran Trade Federation

    mal so this is a separate like group then theguineapigs group?
  4. Can we have a donator teleport?

    it would be nice but some could abuse this idea and spam it all the time
  5. MahoHaku's MC fabulizing Resource Pack (WIP)

    looks good do you do this as a job cus I need a resource pack desighner
  6. Command Block In base with tp to coords

    dub said admins could set up 1 teleporter for a player if they voted and night_triumph did it for me
  7. lol Nobody has posted a status on here for 3 months.

  8. Hi im firepower105 I love to play minecraft and interact with all of you!