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  1. I need some help from a staff member

    so from someone who doesnt really have access to the multicraft itself as i only see the default control panel, is there anything i can do?
  2. Yo i need some multicraft help. If 68K, Dub, or even viper could please help me with one issue. Scoreboard and multicraft. This was never an issue i use to have, but for some reason if someone is in a scoreboard team and they have an option color, my .commands dont work for them. In the chat, i see that instead of a normal name they have <(THAT S COLORCODE THING)(THEIRNAME)(S COLORCODE THING)> MESSAGE. The color codes are like part of their name. Is this what its like for you. Is this a 1.12 thing? It works fine on your vanilla server. Is it my hoster? My version? Plz Help
  3. v100v Update

    in the mean time and between time, my ol vipers lair has 100% uptime, no lag, and awesome ol multicraft commands
  4. v100v. Our final hope.

    i watch rick and morty, thus I must be a real intellectual.
  5. v100v. Our final hope.

    Yeah sure, and an apple taste the same as a banana. Circumstances are different. My goal was to bring back an old survival community. Not prolong the current autistic one.
  6. v100v. Our final hope.

    Lol I can make this in my sleep. Stop being impressed by the power of google. I respect all opinions but only my clone operates like true old viper.
  7. The Poll's Are In

    i just had all the old viper players make an account. Some had ones, others like dig lost theirs.
  8. Server clone analysis

    I can live with this, understood
  9. Should v100v have a ban list?

    look, idk what or who exactly caused the servers to be shutdown. But if this "dprm" - whatever tf thats exposed to mean - involves rocky i dont want it on my server. So cool!
  10. Server clone analysis

    why so?
  11. Should v100v have a ban list?

    I'm having one on mine, it consists of one, rocky
  12. ik and im supporting myself in general by agreeing with his cancerous mindset, providing counter evidence against him
  13. I am actually pretty well liked on the lair by a lot of people. Rocky is like the 1% who doesnt like me for unknown reasons.
  14. yo rocky, i banned you because you are against the idea of my help from the beginning. You saying ik for a fact that he could never change is the final straw for me. That's why you're banned.
  15. You got banned because your goal is to spread fake lies and divide a community I'm trying to aid