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  1. Spamers (again)

    there were like two more but i did not get them
  2. Spamers (again)

    sorry i only took one i just found out how to take sceen shots
  3. Stonehenge of Swastikas

  4. The new base of Gramkraxor: Screenshots

    looks good man
  5. All admins in one building

    I thought so :P
  6. All admins in one building

    Was honey badger was a admin right ?
  7. Viper we need to talk

    It's the end if I do .tps u will die it has been like this forever so ya he can't help u
  8. simonkarlsen using Overpowered hacks

    Ok thank u
  9. simonkarlsen using Overpowered hacks

    This true I am on it is getting bad admin come fast plz
  10. [Hardcore Server] Enable Respawning?

    I say we should wait two weeks that is what I voted for
  11. Nicely said peri night is the admin that plays the most right now and they aren't perfect so yes I will more than agree with everything peri said no doubt !!!!!
  12. I am just trying to help if I am getting bad and it is not my bee wax if so tell me and I will drop the topic
  13. Ok it may not be but why else would he do that think about it , it is vannila chat on the H c server why eles would he do that and he is blaming night it sound like it to me btw I am not trying to hate on u
  14. Ya. That is true sounds like he Photoed the pic to get night deoped to me I don't know about yall