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  1. List of Popular Viper's Lair Clients

  2. List of Popular Viper's Lair Clients

    Xray by AmbientOcclusion has a site, Also, Wolfram is not a reskinned Wurst, it is (was) a different client coded by a different person (ShadowSpl0it).
  3. [.url] Should we add this command?

    Maybe .link would make more sense, as you are asking for the link and giving the URL.
  4. 1000th Topic!

    I was just saying I beat you to noticing our 1000th.
  5. 1000th Topic!

  6. Toran Trade Federation

  7. Toran Trade Federation

    lol I wish the Empire had been this good
  8. jrjdj spamming

    This is the thousandth topic on this site.
  9. Updated Vote Prizes!

    Could we add the NBT tag HideFlags:2 to the Suitable armor and tools/swords so that the "When in/on ____" data is hidden? The enchantments and lore would still show, but the item tooltip wouldn't be so huge (saving 3-4 lines).
  10. Updated Vote Prizes!

    ​Just craft them into items and back. That'll reset their data. Or mine them.
  11. Few questions about 1.9 server

    ​So donors will have to get an admin to give them their name color back?
  12. blake_mk HEAVILY spamming

    lol merry Christmas (Present chests)
  13. T_REX_07 Flying fast

    You mean potato sorry I meant T_REX_07?
  14. Pick your side of the war!!

    For potatos sake!!1!
  15. Mob spawner, silk touch

    The Minecraft Wiki will likely provide you with better answers than a forums Q&A: "Mined blocks drop themselves instead of the usual items Allows collection of blocks that are normally unobtainable. Items which can be obtained legitimately only through use of Silk Touch: coal ore, cobweb[until 1.9], diamond ore, emerald ore, grass block, huge mushrooms, ice, lapis lazuli ore, mycelium, podzol, packed ice, nether quartz ore and redstone ore. Additionally ender chests, after they are placed, can only be retrieved by a pickaxe enchanted with Silk Touch. Doesn't work on: cake, carrots, cocoa pod, double slabs, fire, farmland, melon stems, monster spawner, nether wart,potatoes, pumpkin stems, snow layers, sugar cane, wheat and inverted daylight sensors. Gravel harvested with a silk touch shovel will never yield flint. This is due to the fact that silk touch bypasses the rare harvest RNG entirely."