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  1. Command Block In base with tp to coords

    It's a TP to a base. It's legal when you got permission from the base owner
  2. Map Reset - READ ME!

    What about the player's inventory, achievements and stats? Will they be ported?
  3. Map Reset - READ ME!

    potato this. The only reason why i even want to come back is gone now...
  4. Users spamming .tps?

    I know, they finally de-opped Geb
  5. Users spamming .tps?

    Dude are you ever gomna respond?!?!?
  6. More Mods/Admins ONLY TRUSTED (Diffrent time zones)

    Yay i'm Dutch too
  7. FLAME0_10 has got to go!!!

    By the way if u check the total chat I do I do not spam. Every once in a wile I will repeat wat I say because they would be AFK. I ment this topic..
  8. asdf

  9. FLAME0_10 has got to go!!!

    Lol atm you're the one spamming
  10. [Hardcore Server] Enable Respawning?

    No you're not. Unless you have oil/water/unknown white substance sprayed on your body
  11. Kimhejer hacked my account

    It's propably just a "Hack of hate" case... he only hacked me with the intention of annoying me, not in using it...
  12. Kimhejer hacked my account

    Well, gmail sadly auto deletes emails after a couple of years :/ I'll try it with the credit card number, thanks
  13. Youtubers on the server!

  14. Kimhejer hacked my account

    Morgan, if you had read the above, and shoutbox, you would know my account has been stolen... He migrated it and used a glitch to change the email address, and changed the username to iTz_Sh4d0wPvP Unless somebody here (Damn, i wish Dope would get on TS3...) knows how to steal accounts, i'll have to buy a new account...
  15. Unobtainable Enchantments on a Sword

    BaltimoreCalling (R.I.P... ;( ) gave them