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  1. Nick23atTHORcom Spawnkilling

    I know spawnkilling varies from player to player, but it seems like all this is loosely fitted. Spawnkilling is a hard rule to police. Besides annoying players is there ever going to be a set punishment for spawnkilling? Maybe a limit to how many people need to be killed before they are considered spawnkiller? I get very uneasy when spawnkillers are around because I don't know what will happen next.
  2. Nick23atTHORcom Spawnkilling

    I know this is a bit off topic, but is there an official list of punishments spawnkillers can get? Where could I find this?
  3. Nick23atTHORcom Spawnkilling

    So yes, a player is spawnkilling.
  4. Admin abuse, night_triumph, vanilla server

    Peri's Time. If you poke someone on the server, it is a sign to combat. It's not fun, it's scary, and it drives players away. Server lesson is don't be at spawn for too long. Whether the admin is being abusive or not, just listen to them. If what they are doing is really that wrong, they will get bit in the butt for it later, or you could just write something on forums about their behavior. Global chat on the server is not the place to solve "admin abuse." I would like to see a screenshot or a quote of what your reason for being banned is when he banned you from the server. That's all it really comes down to. Spawnkilling, from what I have heard, that is not a bannable offense. Being rude to admins is also not a bannable offense. However I do believe that when an admin asks you to do something, you probably should do it. Therefore, at least in my view, it is wrong to disobey an admin when they are asking you to do something you know you shouldn't be doing. In this case, night_triumph did ask you multiple times to stop what you were doing. This seems like you were disobeying an admin who was enforcing server rules. IP ban is how things are settled here. Not one person is banned without having their IP banned. Okay, this is where I get defensive and a little opinionated. A "kid." As far as I know, none of the admins are kids. If someone is a kid, they certainly don't act like it. For the record, night_triumph is the most active admin I see nowadays. He is also one of the most cooperative, and everything I've seen him do is what he thinks will be in the best interest of the server. Not every admin is perfect, and some make mistakes. One of the things I like about night_triumph the most is that when he makes a mistake, he can get back up and do better next time. I do not think it was right to judge an admin from one scene. Judging an admin from one post. Judging an admin from one scene. This could be a possibility, as in screenshotting at the right moment or whatnot. I wouldn't bet any of my money on it though. I don't see how Flealick's post is helping you at all. Rushian is trying to explain how he was not spawnkilling, and an admin was abusing. That is the topic in his post. Flealick's post is about players who are not new. This is about players that should know better are going around and killing new players. This does not have to do with admins or admin abuse, which seems to be the main focus of this topic considering it is in the Reporting Abuse section. In fact, you are not exactly the newest player. Therefore, you could be considered the "dick in diamond armor."
  5. [Hardcore Server] Enable Respawning?

    Now when does this plan to be implemented? I would like to go back to the hardcore server ASAP if this is going to happen. Not trying to sound impatient.
  6. SplitnYoWalls

    Not only spamming, but threatening to crash the server...I would assume?
  7. Viper's Lair Theme Song

    If you folks find a way to play songs using commandblocks, I am going to give up on life.
  8. Viper's Lair Theme Song

    Is this any better Gramkraxor?
  9. Viper's Lair Theme Song

    What about this one?
  10. FLAME0_10 has got to go!!!

    Okay. Let's see what I have here. He has done this. He is a saint when an admin is at spawn, but as soon as someone leaves ten seconds later he is harassing a player. He will also hide in the end and wait for passerby's, who frankly are just trying to get home. I have caught him with op weapons before , but I am glad to inform you that his inventory was cleared. This is not the first time. If you look in my Spamming thread a few hours before, those kids were not the only ones spamming. There was nothing I could do about FLAME0_10's spamming at the time though, as I was on Minechat and it would have been difficult to write a report at that time. He is asking to be "baned" in this one. Whatever "baned" is. I hope this information helps.
  11. Spammers

    Problem solved. Thank you Adrian.
  12. Spammers

    Must I say more?
  13. [Hardcore Server] Enable Respawning?

    I am shiny.
  14. Kimhejer hacked my account

    Don't worry about it HeroBrineR. Kimhejer is a lot of talk with no walk. He has threatened to hack me as well, or use hacks to find my base. If he hacks you I will be suprised. That small chance that he does hack you, I will support you in any way I can.