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  1. Technically, none of it's to scale. A block is canonically 1 meter cubed.
  2. Slot 1
  3. Why RIP them?
  4. What we need is stricter enforcement of the rules.
  5. I fully agree that this is a major problem, and I entirely support a server reset.
  6. All this for a Cobra's Tooth? I've got three of those...
  7. Reset everything. In fact, delete the whole map. Let's start fresh.
  8. ​Shulker boxes won't nest. I don't think it's even possible with NBT. I think it just gives an error.
  9. I got banned from a previous sVanilla server that I had played, so I started searching for a new one. Viper's Lair was, by far, the best one I found. Really, the only thing I don't like about it is that it's plagued by votifier. That software and the server lists that use it are a detriment to the game, in my opinion.
  10. ​Blasphemy!
  11. ​I need this.
  12. I actually support spawn eggs. I think they should be vaguely rare, but still gettable.
  13. ​There's an idea. How about a new vote system where every time anyone votes, Rocky gets a random item and 5 levels?
  14. ​How is this different than the food pack or rail pack?